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Review on Belif Problem Solution Green Essence

Belif Problem Solution Green Essence came at the right timing (late May 2013), my skin have been causing me afew problems since January 2013.

I don't have major acne problems, but ever since my skin changed back (from dry/tight skin) to my normal combination skin (slighly oily)... I keep having inflammation and small blemishes keep popping out around my face (mostly on forehead/ jaw line, chin, side of my nose and the right side of my outer cheek). They heal fast, but pop out new super fast also!!! 

My bumps are mostly caused by inflammation - the weather, my eating habits and I think I drink too much coffee! (Dehaydration! Dry inside and oily on the skin surface)

Belif Problem Solution Green Essence
Price : SD$57 (50ml)

An essence formulated for the blemish-prone skin as the 3-step herbal prescription resolves the cause of blemishes by alleviating skin irritation and inflammation.

The non-comedogenic and 10-free formula assures minimal skin irritation when used on sensitive skin. The Napiers Trouble Formula also prevents and heals skin blemishes with its purifying, anti-bacterial and skin soothing properties.

Overview of the box packaging

No added 10 ingredients:
Mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, synthetic preservatives, animal-origin ingredients, triclosan, benzophenone, alcohol, triethanolamine and propylene glycol.

Main Herb:
  • White Willow Bark   
    The natural salicylic acid in White Willow Bark, removes excessive accumulation of dead skin cells in the pores.
  • Tea Tree Oil
    Prevents secondary infection, and has anti-bacterial effect.

Napiers Trouble Formula
This formula consists of herbs which prevent and heal skin blemishes by treating skin inflammation through its purifying, anti-bacterial and soothing properties.

Herbs in Napiers Trouble Formula include:
  • Burdock (Reinforces skin elasticity and skin purifying)
  • Calendula (Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation and skin calming properties)
  • Golden Seal (Skin purifying properties)
  • Purple Coneflower (Brightening , anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation)
  • Rosemary (Skin purifying and anti-oxidation properties)
  • Lavender (Skin purifying and skin soothing properties)

3-Step Herbal Prescription
  • Step 1
    White Willow Bark: Contains Salicylic Acid which reduce excessive accumulation of dead skin cells and preventing the formation of whiteheads and blackheads.
  • Step 2
    Tea Tree Oil: Prevent the proliferation of acne germ caused by excessive sebum.
  • Step 3
    Napiers Trouble Formula: Alleviate skin inflammation and skin irritation.

Directions of usage:
After using toner, dispense 2-3 pumps and gently apply over entire face.

Ingredients list

A pump dispenser bottle - neat and clean

The essence feel light and moist
Feel like a lightweight gel cream consistency.

After trying this Belif Problem Solution Green Essence for a few months (from June to Now about 3 months)... it time for a review... (lolx)
  • moist and lightweight
  • Easy to spread all over the skin
  • has a gel cream consistency.
  • Absorbed fast and nicely into the skin
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • No "new" breaking out from using this essence
  • Doesn't feel sticky nor thick on the skin
  • quite Soothing (refreshing)
  • Skin feel soft once the essence absorbed
  • Doesn't dry up the skin (no dry or flakey skin)
  • Quite hydrating (but still need moisturizer)
  • Does prevent inflammation
The essence absorbed nicely into the skin, doesn't leave any weird, sticky or funny feeling... skin feel nice and supple.

Need a bit of time to see visible results... when I start using this, I didn't notice any changes on my skin condition after a few days. The blemishes doesn't heal as fast as I thought it would be,  BUT... the essence does help to prevent new blemishes popping out.

After using this afew weeks, I do notice that I don't have break-out due from inflammation easily... I do have break-out and this essence does help to soothe the skin and redness (abit).

From the bottle direction, it say to use 2-3pumps on whole face.. but I only use 1 pump on selected area... maybe I didn't use enough, I feels that the amount I use is good enough.... hmmm.... (Maybe I should try 2/3 pumps on my whole face... if I do see different result, I will come back and edit this post.)

This is NOT a spot treatment, so have to keep in mind that this won't heal acne as fast as spot treatment cream/lotion/3m patch. This is just an prevention

Belif Problem Solution Green Essence
Price : SD$57 (50ml)

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