Tuesday, September 03, 2013

My 2nd visit to Jean Yip Singapore

So after 2 months.... I finally booked another appointment to freshen up my hair color at Jean Yip Hub (Plaza Singapura).


Choosing color time.. they are using ION BioSpa IONIC THERAPY

I chose 9.4 Very light copper blond

(Before) Here's my fainted orange shade - which look a bit dull ~


After rinsing off the dye~

Scalp treatment and hair mask time~

After washing out the treatment ~ 
Andy apply Bio traitement- a leave on treatment mousse(conditioner) before blow drying my hair

Have a little trim on my hair and chop off a little bit of my fringe~


Under day lighting
The result is a darker and fresher version of my faded orange hair~
I like it, because I "think" I look good in this type of coppery shade, although, the result is not as light as the shade that I've picked.. but it still nice la. 

Nobody noticed that I changed my hair color! lolx... unless I mentioned it, then they realised the root look fresh with coppery shade rather then my original oily black shade.

The end of my hair doesn't look much different as from before the dye.... Maybe because there is no bleaching or hair lightening and the shade that I've chose look kinda similar to my previous color (lolx)

It kinda created a gradient effect, lighter to darker copper shade.

Initially, I wanted ash tone brown, but I didn't see any shades that I like from the colors chart. Also have been thinking about having purple or pink (but from their color charts they don't have these kind of shades...) So... I choose a shade that was a bit similar to my previous color.

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