Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Korea Dewytree Ginseng Nutritious Black Mask

Sometimes back, saw a series of Dewytree korea Masks at Watsons and this Ginseng Nutritious Black Mask caught my attention. At SD$2.90 per piece, I got one to try it out.

Contain Ginseng Root extract and Ginkgo Biloba Leaf extract that provide effectively resilience and nutrition to skin for brighter skin.

Ingredients list...
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  • The mask feel most, but not soaking wet that it will make a mess while trying to put on the black mask. The mask stick and cling on the skin nicely.
  • Feel very refreshing, soothing on the skin, doesn't cause any skin irritation nor have stingy sensation during the 15mins masking time. Skin feel very relax and does help to soothe the redness and burning inflammation around my jaw/cheeks.
  •  Didn't cause any new break out, and this doesn't heal my inflammation (already pop out acne/bumps).. and didn't angry them either.
  • Skin feel hydrated after masking, but the moisturizing effect doesn't last more then a day (which is quite common for sheet mask)
  • Skin feel soft and supple, make absorption of skincare easily after masking.
    (I normally will rinse off the excess serum residue on the skin before I follow up with my usual skincare)
So far, I have been having good experiences with Korea Sheet mask, they are nice SOS product to use when skin feel dry and irritation.

Masking at least once per week, does help to protect skin from dryness... I have to remember that.... because I always either forget or too lazy to mask!!!! I mask once in a blue blue moon! lolx (like once per month...kekekke)

Korea Dewytree masks is available at Selected Watsons Outlets
Price: SD$2.90 per piece

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