Introducing SK-II StemPower Essence

SK-II believe that age does not matter as they unveils their revolutionary discovery of "Master Switch" and the New StemPower Essence to activate skin's youth activity. Available from September 2013 onwards in Singapore.

Nowsaday, there are more and more anti-aging skincare that target the first sign of aging... mostly around age of 25. Now.... age has become nothing more than just a number and a state of mind.

In a first-in-the-world discovery, SK-II’s latest findings on the functions of the skin cell’s very own “Master Switch” – a key to activating our youth activity – have shed light on how women can now overcome skin aging.

By boosting their inner skin resilience through activating the skin’s “Master Switch”, women can now achieve a new peak in youthful beauty.

One of the world’s leading brands in innovative anti-ageing skincare, SK-II unleashes the power of our skin’s youthful activity with its revolutionary STEMPOWER technology, found in the new SK-II STEMPOWER Essence.

Containing the power of Pitera™ and leveraging over 7,900 hours of epidermal skin research, SK-II’s STEMPOWER Technology has successfully proven that age does not matter with new pathways in transforming the source of our skin’s youth activity.

Decoding skin ageing from the source of skin’s youth activity
In search of the ideal solution to youthful beauty, SK-II’s scientists discovered that the source of our skin’s youth activity lies within our epidermal skin cells. A research collaboration between SK-II scientists and the world’s foremost authorities in the field, has revealed that our skin’s “Master Switch” activation enables the protection of epidermal root cells by optimising its environment, thus restoring skin’s youth activity to give poreless-looking, bouncy skin.

“Our skin’s ‘Master Switch’ is like the catalyst which enhances our skin’s regenerative system. Once the “Master Switch” is triggered, it causes the generation of anti-oxidants and activation of the longevity gene. This enhances both protective and regenerative cell action. If this activation declines, our skin cell regeneration process will start to slow down, causing a decrease in our skin’s inner cell density,” explains Ms Yan Xianghong, P&G Senior Scientist.

Turning on our “Master Switch” also regulates our cell environment resulting in protein production to increase and enhance our inner cell density. A higher inner cell density, which is a result of stronger inner skin resilience, translates to skin appearance which is poreless-looking and bouncy.

The source of youth in a bottle – SK-II STEMPOWER Essence
With insights on this new standard in youthful beauty, SK-II launches its latest anti-ageing beauty essence – the SK-II STEMPOWER Essence.

SK-II’s revolutionary STEMPOWER Essence
, concocted with a new and powerful Stem-Acanax ES Complex, targets and transforms the regenerative functions of the skin’s youth activity.

Carefully researched and handpicked ingredients in the new Stem-Acanax ES Complex consist of Stem-Acanax, Pitera™, Artichoke Extract and new Kinren Extract. As a key ingredient of SK-II STEMPOWER Essence, Artichoke Extract has been proven to activate our skin’s “Master Switch" to enhance the overall cell functions of anti-oxidation, regeneration and longevity, hence promoting inner cell density and increasing skin’s inner resilience.

Poreless-looking bouncy skin

The new STEMPOWER Essence has been proven to improve the skin’s smoothness and lessen visible pores for poreless-looking bouncy skin. Upon application, the STEMPOWER Essence provides immediate efficacy of smoother skin texture and less visible pores.

When it is used over two weeks, it gives women poreless-looking bouncy skin, with a significant increase in the skin’s Pore-less Bouncy Index. The Pore-less Bouncy Index indicates the levels of the skin’s radical firmness that is measured by the SK-II Magic Ring counselling device.

StemPower Technology with the power of Pitera~

Tested and proven that the new stempower essence is able to provide
  • Smoother skin texture and less visible pores immediately after one application
  • Poreless-looking bouncy skin with significant increase in poreless bouncy index after two weeks of usage

At the media preview,  we got to do a little test on this serum to test on the serum...

We grind out some apple and put the same amount on each dish then add the a drop of water (brand x essence and SK-II stempower essence) and let it sit for a min.

The one mix with stempower essence stop oxidising once mixing in the essence... and the one with water totally oxidised!

Powerful right, it fights free radicals quite well!

The essence is house in (kinda like) a tear job shape bottle that came with a drip drop applicator.

The essence itself feels quite moist(watery) and slimey .. it feel nice and refreshing on the skin that will absorbed within seconds. Leaving skin feeling smooth and ready for moisturizer.

SK-II Stempower Essence
Price : SD$156 (30ml) SD$224 (50ml)

 SK-II StemPower Cream
Helps to slow down the signs of aging and boost skin's radical firmness in 10 days.

The texture of the stempower cream feels more like a gel cream texture.. very moist and not too thick

When used both the essence and cream together, this dynamic duo is able to provide :
  • Almost 200% increase in penetration of skin active ingredients than just the STEMPOWER alone.
  • Almost 200% increase in hydration levels in skin as compared to using the STEMPOWER alone

First International preview of the Stempower Essence at Changi Airport ::

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