Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Introducing *NEW* Korea Cosmetics Brand - Too Cool For School

Couple weeks ago, Too Cool For School a Korea cosmetics Brand open their 1st store in Singapore, Far East Plaza(3rd level). And of-course being a fan of Korea cosmetics (I like all cosmetics! Kekekeke)... I have to check them out!!!!

When you step into this little store, there are alot of stuff to process... the wicky weird but cute display, the neatly but fully packed products from makeup to skincare~  Ir's a little heaven~ and they have some really interesting products!

I really really love the concept of the store~ I want all those doll's part.. so cute la... my sisters will like too (I believe! lolx)

Love the idea that the display table is make up of many suitcast~ 

 Totally LOVE the weaky display~

 Below are some of the products they have in the store~ I just randomly take some pics of the products I find it interesting! Do drop by to check them out yourself ^_^

Sienna Silky BB Pack SPF30 PA+++
Price : SD$40

Bad Girl Good Girl (stain and gloss)
Price : SD$24

After School lunch Box BB Foundation SPF37 PA+++
Price : SD$36

Sun Day Pact SPF 50 PA+++
price : SD$36 

Perfect Day Makeup Fixer
Price SD$24
Cherry Blossom Mist
Price : SD$19

Sun Day Block SPF50 PA+++
Price : SD$30

Jean George Liong Sun Block SPF50 PA+++
Price : SD$28

Rules of Trouble Dual Cover BB Cream SPF30 PA++
Price : SD$44
Rules of Pore Get Ready Dual Primer
Price : SD$36

Dinoplatz Collection

Dinoplatz Lip Balm
Price : SD$24

DDD Dino Eau De Perfume
Price : SD$70

Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion
Price : SD$40

Dinoplatz Guggenosaurus Concealer

Dinoplatz Eye Shadow on Flatiron
Price : SD$22 

 Pink Girl Jelly Base
Price : SD$30

Check Cake Blusher
Price : SD$30

Marshmallow Puff
Price : SD$9

Art Class Blusher
Price : SD$16

Art Class Multi Color Paint
Price : SD$24

Pocket Perfume (MAX)
Price : SD$26
MAX in Pocket (lip balm)Price : SD$22

Sooooo cute!!!!


Rolly Doll Perfume Gel
Price : SD$18

Coco doll perfume Mist
Price : SD$30

Glam Rock Makeup Collection

Glam Rock Urban Shadow
Price : SD$16/SD$19


Rules of Skincare (Pores tightening toner)

Sitkoza Cleansing products from cleansing water to makeup remover

Egg Mousse Pack
Price : SD$23

Pumpkin Sleeping pack and Bubble cleansing pack

Angel Foot cream and Wonderful multiple stick

 Rules of Body (body lotion)
So pretty the round chubby bottle~

Too Cool For Cool is located at Far East Place #03-53 (Just beside the escalators) 

I'm not affiliated with the company.