Introducing Cyber Colors HD Aura Foundation Series

Cyber Colors launched their very own HD base products -  CYBER COLORS HD Aura. A series of  5 products that gives you High-Definition flawless skin finishing.

Japan-made CYBER COLORS HD Aura Foundation Series 
A Revolutionary Soft-Focus Reflection Technology
360º Flawless High-Definition Beauty

Traditional foundation products aim merely at covering up facial imperfections deploying single direction reflection technology, resulting in dull and unhealthy skin looks, often with thick or non-conforming powder layer producing unnatural mask-like effect.

With the global development that audio-visuals are going high-definition, so are foundation products such as makeup base. New generation multi-angle reflection technology helps to cover up imperfections, lifting and enhancing complexion’s inner radiance, empowering high definition nude makeup sparkling with three-dimensional healthy glow leaving a fresh and clear finish.

The brand new HD Aura Foundation Series comprises 5 products, namely, makeup base, gel foundation, cream foundation, powdery foundation and finish powder, all of which are manufactured in Japan with the state-of-the-art technology.

Unlike traditional foundation products relying on uni-direction reflection, Aura composite powder features 360° soft-focus reflection technology, enabling the blurring and covering of pores and fine lines on skin in a second, delivering you an absolutely flawless base makeup glowing with ultimate radiance.

Specially derived to give high spreadibility, breathability, and concealability, and at the same time offering moisturizing ingredients to soften skin textures instantaneously. Resuming whiter nature, your skin will flourish with clear, smooth, and luminous finish viewing from any angle. SPF component is also added to give your skin extra protection from UV damage.

The 3 Unique ingredients in HD Aura Foundation Series
  • Aura Composite Powder
    (360° reflection enhances the concealing effect)
  • Polyurethane powder
    (fills up fine lines, covers imperfection)
  • Effective moisturizing ingredient
    (prevents the loss of moisture, giving your skin a bright and watery radiance that lasts all day long)
Aura Composite Powder
360° Soft-Focus Reflection Technology Displays Skin of Perfection

With its technological breakthrough, Aura Composite Powder AL-40 is capable of 360° soft-focus scattering. Just a thin layer of the powder can display super refined skin with even colour, as well as reflecting light from different angles, leaving your skin with silky smooth ambiance.

Spherical Polyurethane Powders
High concealing power to fill up pores and fine lines

Comprising good spreadibility, Spherical Polyurethane Powders gives the Aura Foundation Series a super refined texture, enables easy spreading, filling up of pores and fine lines, covering up of imperfections, and the creation of a revolutionary thin and flawless base for makeup.

Effective moisturizing ingredients
Nourishing & moisturizing; long-lasting with soft smooth feeling

Besides laying a perfect base for makeup, the highly effective moisturizing ingredients in the series nourish and moisturize your skin, leaving it bright and watery glow. It also serves as a layer of extensive nourishing & moisturizing serum, enabling natural soft and smooth makeup base.

Products introduction

Cyber Colors HD Aura Watery Make Up Base SPF20 PA++
This sheer, lightweight formula moisturizes the skin while evening dull skin tone and adding a smooth healthy glow, finely covers pores and uneven areas. Providing SPF 20 protection from the UV rays and sustaining your makeup all day long.

Available in 3 Colours:
  • 01 Fresh Light Pink- Anti-dark complxion
  • 02 Glow Pink- Anti-grayish complexion
  • 03 Luminous Purple- Anti-sallow complexion

The product feature here is in (02 Glow)

Ingredients list...

In pale pink shade~

Cyber Colors HD Aura Gel Foundation SPF 20 PA++

Features squalane and SPF20 protection, this lightweight formula with excellent spreadability allows light to glide evenly and visibly on the skin, and hence minimizes the appearance of pores, fine lines and imperfections for smoother skin. With the addition of Aura Composite Powder, this foundation reflects complexion ambiance from inside to outside, delivering enviable soft and smooth finish.

Available in 3 Colours:
  • 01 Ivory
  • 02 Natural
  • 03 Warm Beige

I have fair skin, and normally go for the lightest shade, and the shade I've received was #02 Natural
Which is a little bit dark on me (Well, I can easily correct it by using lighter shade powder or mix in some of the pink base to lighten up.)

A pump tube packaging (neat and hygiene)

Ingredients list...

Cyber Colors HD Aura Cream Foundation SPF 30 PA++
This rich cream foundation provides high coverage with a lustrous, dewy finish that stays fresh all day. Enriched with Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, it hydrates and nourishes your skin around the clock. With the addition of Aura Composite Powder, this foundation reflects complexion ambiance from inside to outside, delivering enviable soft and smooth texture.

Available in 3 Colours:
  • 01 Ivory
  • 02 Natural
  • 03 Warm Beige

The shade I've received was in #02 Natural  (like the gel foundation, a little warmer on my skin)

Comes in a jar packaging (why all cream base foundation all come in jar form?)

Included a mini transparent plastic spatula for scooping out product from the jar
(Hygiene purpose)

Ingredients list...

Swatches on both Gel and Cream Foundation in Shade #02 Natural

Gel foundation feels more moist as compare to the cream
But feels moist and quite moisturizing on the skin.
(So far I've only tried the cream foundation - so far so good ^_^)

Can see the finishing of shade 02 Natural is a bit darker(warmer) on my skin~

Cyber Colors HD Aura Powdery Foundation SPF 25 PA+++
Containing Aloe extract and Coconut oil, this advanced lightweight forumula effectively enhances metabolism and holds water, soothes allergy and provides full nourishment to the skin. Revolutionary Composite Powder creates a soft-focus appearance for spots, fine lines, pores, hence giving skin with natural coverage. Its anti-sweat and anti-glare features offers perfect makeup base with longlasting durability

Available in 4 Colours:
  • 01 Ivory
  • 02 Pink beige
  • 03 Sand beige
  • 04 Warm beige

I received shade 02 Pink beige (a little bit warmer.. but still look ok)

Ingredients list...

Cyber Colors HD Skin Finish Powder

An extremely lightweight, sheer and silky powder leaving skin with crystal clear ambiance. The unique Aura Composite Powder creates a soft-focus appearance for fine lines and imperfections. This velvety smooth powder is ideal for touch-ups throughout the day so makeup stays fresh, flawless and shine-free.

Available in 2 Colors:
  • 01 Lucent
  • 02 Natural

I received Shade 01- Lucent for this skin finish powder

Ingredients list...

I will be doing the review of the foundation on seperate post.

The  CYBER COLORS HD Aura Foundation Series is available exclusively at at Sasa Cosmetics Outlets.

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