Friday, August 30, 2013

ZA Impact Full eyes Gradation, Impact Full eyes groovy and Pefect Action Mascara

In August 2013, Za Cosmetics launched a series of Impact Full Eyes palette and 2 new perfect action mascaras for bigger, wider and pretty eye makeup look.

I always enjoy using Za mascaras, they work really well on my stubborn lashes.. so I'm quite excited to try these out. Received 2 eyeshadow quads and both the mascaras to try it out. I will do a seperate post on reviews and look using each products soon. 

Za launched 4 Impact-Full eyes gradation and 4 Impact-Full eyes groovy
Look the display they set up at the bloggers preview session held at Forever 21(ION)

Here the overview of the 8 eyeshadow quad
The top row is the 4 new Impact-Full Eyes Gradation quads
The bottem row is the 4 new Impact-Full Eye Groovy quads

Impact-Full eyes groovy
Price : SD$18.90 each
Available in 4 different combination

A combination of similar tones in the palette for easy, effortless blending. Its pearly texture and extremely fine powder helps to achieve wide eyes look easily.

Impact-Full eyes groovy
Favourite Dress (PK211)


Impact-Full eyes groovy
Cotton Candy (BL731)


Impact-Full eyes groovy
Chiffon Scarf (VI721)


Impact-Full eyes groovy
Shell Neckage (GD241)


Impact-Full Eyes Gradation
Price : SD$18.90

The colors in the palette allows to create an endless variety of expressions. Each palette also comes with an accent color for that additional oomph factor. 

Impact-Full Eyes Gradation
Best Jacket (BR751)


Impact-Full Eyes Gradation
Leather Bag (BR261)


Impact-Full Eyes Gradation
Pink Camisole (PK271)


Impact-Full Eyes Gradation
Amethyst Ring (VI381)

**All swatches were dry swatches without any base**

Za Perfect Action Mascara
They launched 2 version of the Perfect Action Mascara
Waterproof and smudge proof

Price :: SD$19.50 each

Both mascara has the same brush application .. for lengthens/thickens and separate lashes
The mascara formulation contains two types of fibres (long and short) to gives us beautiful lengthening effect along the curve of our lashes.

This mascara can be removes with warm water, which make removing makeup more easy.

Za Perfect Action Mascara (Smudge proof)

Za Perfect Action Mascara (Waterproof)

Here's some random pics taken at the preview session



Forever 21 also introduce their back to school 2013 collection "Undeclared"

Za Cosmetics are available exclusively at Watsons

Do check out Forever 21 for the latest fashion 
(Pretty cute and chic~)

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