Sunday, August 18, 2013

Review on Skin & Lab Dr Sun Care Perfect Sun Block in the desert SPF 45 PA+++

Last year, when Ming told me she going to place an order on Wishtrend, I told her I wanna try this Skin & Lab Dr Sun Care Perfect Sun Block in the desert (SPF 45 PA+++) and this have been siting in my drawers for like ages and finally took it out to a few months ago.

5-FREE Hypo-Allergic Sunblock
  • PABA Free
  • Oil Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • Color Free
  • Fragrance Free
UVA/UVB Double Block + Skin Tone Improvement +Inhibits oxidization
  • SPF 45 /PA +++ Effectively blocks UVA and UVB
  • The components in wine is 20 times stronger than vitamin C and will rapidly illuminate your skin tone
  • Polyphenol, in ‘Super Vegetable’ called Mulukhiyya, reduces free oxygen radicals
The non-sticky and non-oily type
Keeps the skin soft and silky even after a long period of time.

Moisturizing Effect
Portulaca oleracea extract allows moisturization without interfering with make-ups and irritations.

Skin & Lab Dr Sun Care Perfect Sun Block in the desert SPF 45 PA+++ provides
  • UVA/UVB Double Block
  • Soothing
  • Moisturizing
  • Skintone Corretion
  • Skin Elasticity
  • Skin Protection

Ingredients list::

  • Mulukhiyya
Mulukhiyya’s high vitality allows it to inhabit in the Egyptian desert. Its vitality also enables it to be highly resistant to blight and insect penetration.
Mulukhiyya is rich in beta-carotene, vitamins, calcium and potassium so it suppresses active oxygen radicals, making the skin moist and elastic.

  • Wine
Contains high level of Polyphenol, which provides elasticity and exuberance to the skin.
Also, 20 times more effective than Vitamin C in skin brightening and soothing.

  • Portulaca oleracea
Scientifically, Portulaca oleracea inhibits reactive oxygen radicals and prevents dryness to alleviate and revitalize skin cells.

The sunblock lotion doesn't has any "tint" in it.. just a white lotion-y lotion.

After trying this sunblock for about a month (I means add up the days.. because after 2 weeks, I rotated this sunblock with another sunblock (from the same brand also.)

  • The sunblock feel quite moist
  • Lightweight
  • Does brighten up skin complexion
  • feels abit oily (but once it absorbed, doesn't feel too oily
  • Doesn't feel sticky
  • Does has a film of "glossy" finishing right after applying... once it set, it look dewy rather then glossy.
  • The finishing does have a little translucent white glow, which make my skin look dewy and nice~ (some how the reflection kinda blurred out a bit of my imperfection)
  • Does even out abit of skin discoloration
    (Not much cos this doesn't contain any color pigment)
  • The sunblock power was pretty decent
    I didn't get any sunburn or skin darkening after hanging under the sun for a few hours.
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • No breaking out
  • Quite moisturizing
I really enjoy sunblock that has a translucent white tint, it just make my skin look brighter. Some tinted sunblock may make my skin look abit dull. But it won't change or do any damaging after applying base product. But I just don't feel happy or good. I feel happy, my skin will look happy too! lolx

This is how the skin will look after applying the sunblock... quite glossy right?? And it will set into a dewy finishing. If you do not like this type of finishing, you can use a piece of tissue to dap off the excess serum. Skin will have have a semi matte finishing.

Dr.Sun Care Perfect Sun Block in the Desert SPF45 PA+++ Volume : 50ml
Made in Korea
Price :USD$18.99
(I only paid about SD$24 when they having 20% off last year)

Available at

(Information source from wishtrend)