Friday, August 30, 2013

PHYTO Paris NEW Phytocyane Anti-Thinning Hair Treatments

I believe most peoples have some kinda of hair related problems (say: thinning, super oily, crazy hair...) all heard or maybe tried PHYTO Paris hair products before (am I right? No??)

Recently PHYTO Paris launches the new Phytocyane Anti-Thinning Hair Treatments ... but at the bloggers preview session.. we also learned about their popular products - which can be also use together with the new anti-thinning hair treatment.

PHYTO Paris NEW Phytocyane Anti-Thinning Hair Treatments  

The serum may feels a little oily when apply on the hair... so I would say that don't apply this when you are about to head out - unless you are like my sister, who love need the oil to moisturize her hair and do not really mind looking alittle bit glossy on the dry hair (surface)

Personally, I have only tried ONE of the Phyto product... and that was the Phytopolleine Botanical scalp treatment (for all types of hair) ... this is a Scalp balancing treatment (scalp cleansing)

I enjoy the cooling sensation of this scalp treatment... the only down side was that this is alittle bit "greasy" ... even after a day.. I feel that my hair look and feel extra oily as compare to my "normal" oiliness.

Well, but still this make scalp feel less stress and hair feel really really soft and healthy (I guess, because my hair already feel moist and quite healthy to begin with...  So I do encourage peoples to try this to feel the different!)

PHYTO Phytopaisant
A gentle rebalancing treatment

PHYTO Phytostim
Fortifying spray for thinning hair

Dietary Supplement
PHYTO Phytophanere
Supplement for anti-hair loss and strengthing action
They look like chocolate .. lolx

PHYTO Phytocyane 
Densifying treatment shampoo

PHYTO Phytodensium
Age-defying serum for lifeless hair

PHYTO Phytolium
Strengthening treatment shampoo for thinning hair

PHYTO Phytolium 4
Chronic thinning hair treatment

From what I have read and heard about PHYTO are a strong hair care brand for all kind of hair and scalps related issues... they worked but they are quite "strong" too.. it's better to use it together with you daily shampoo and ects.. so that this won't be too harsh on your scalps (I personally haven't tried their shampoo and I can't wait to try them!)

Good haircare products are so hard to find ... now alot of commercial brands which they do work well for normal cleansing.. but if I need something intense (like scalp treatment or anti-hair loss.. we all know that we have to check out those "Specialist" brands.)

The series of New and existing PHYTO healthy scalp, thinning, anti-hair loss and strengthing hair products will be available at Watsons, Sephora and all PHYTO beauty counters.

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PHYTO remains one of the biggest brands in the world, providing effective scalp and hair solutions. PHYTO’s award winning formulas are developed by doctors, pharmacists, biochemists and botanists in their own Phytosolba Laboratories.