Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Introducing the NEW L'Oreal Paris Hydra Fresh

L'Oreal Paris will be launching their NEW Hydra Fresh this coming October 2013. The 1st refreshing cocktail for the skin that infuses the benefits of French Grapes into its perfect blend for hydrated, supple and glowing skin. An skincare range that are high in anti oxidant that fight against free radicals for beautiful radiance healthy skin.

The new Hydra Fresh series contains Languedoc, France's premium grape seed extract that was known as "Skin vitamin" for its effectiveness in protecting collagen, improving skin elasticity and brightness, and maintaining soft and smooth skin.

Grape Seed extract , Proanthocyanidins(OPC) is a type of highly effective anti-oxidant that fights against free radicals. Its anti-oxidation ability is 50X that of Vitamin E and 20X that of Vitamin C. It can prevent damage from harmful free radicals. At the same time, it's able to resist skin damage from the root, and act like a barrier protecting skin's radiance and sjin while maintaining good skin health.

Hydra Fresh Hydrating Refreshing Creamy foam
Price : SD$12.90 (125ml)

Creamy and bubbly cleanser contains essential minerals to cleanse makeup. oil and dirt thoroughly, without making skin feel tight. It hydrates and nourishes at the same time, keeping skin in a blissful state of refreshing well-being.

Hydra Fresh Hydrating Softening Spa Water
Price : SD$19.90 (175ml) 

Clear gel-like formula that breaks into a light refreshing watery texture. Originated from the French Vosges Mountain, this Spa Water is packed with 16 minerals to strengthen skin's moisture barrier function. It Softens skin and helps maintain its natural balance.

The lotion feels abit thicker then normal watery (like water) lotion.. but it doesn't feel thick on the skin. Quite refreshing~

Hydra Fresh Hydration + Antiox Action Mask-In Lotion
Price : SD$22.90 (175ml)

Allow skin to quench its thirst with this smooth and juicy mask-grade hydrating lotion that has been infused with the finest French Grapes from the vineyards of Languedoc-Roussillon. It nourishes without feeling the slightest bit greasy, and lets skin drink up the goodness it gets from 10 minutes of using a mask, in just 10 seconds.

This feel slimey.. but cooling and moist on the skin

Hydra Fresh Hydration + Antiox Active Supreme Emulsion
Price : SD$25.90 (50ml)

Refreshing as water, light as a lotion, rich as a moisturizer, this complex emulsion gives skin all-rounded hydrating care. A touch of this leaves skin plump with moisture and glowing with radiance all day.

Does feel abit oily when I first spread out the gel cream.. but it feel nice and refreshing on the skin once blended out. (I try this on the back of my hand.. so NOT review.. lolx)

This series sound so yummy right? So different from their previous ranges.. This Hydra Fresh just feel so "refreshing" from ingredients, texture to packaging! I can't wait to try this out and do a detail review in the near future (couple of months)

L'Oreal Paris Hydra Fresh will be available from October 2013 onwards at all L'Oreal Paris Counters (Watsons, guardian, John Little and ects....)

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