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FOR BELOVED ONE Delight Fresh Tea Tree Night Jelly (Review)

FOR BELOVED ONE recently launched the Delight Fresh collection (link) and Delight Fresh Tea Tree Night Jelly is one of the *Star products*. It is a moisturizing, soothing and oil-balancing sleeping mask. Just one step before bed and wake up to refined, translucent skin

Delight Fresh Tea Tree Night Jelly is FOR BELOVED ONE’s hot new launch for summer 2013. Its unique jelly texture helps to protect nutrients and absorption of nutrients during sleep, effectively strengthens moisture, calms and soothes inflammations and inhibits acne formation, leaving skin feeling refreshed, refined and translucent the next morning.

FOR BELOVED ONE Delight Fresh Tea Tree Night Jelly as the last step of your skincare routine before bed. This will allow the jelly to lock in all the essence and nutrients of your skincare products and reveal surprising results.

Even during summer, you can take advantage of night time, which is a prime time for skin reparation, by applying Delight Fresh Tea Tree Night Jelly to calm and soothe your skin, repair blemishes and treat skin problems such as excessive sebum production and acnes. Skin feels refreshed and soothed, translucent and moisturized the next morning.

Delight Fresh Tea Tree Night Jelly is lightweight, contains zero oil, and at the same time is deeply moisturizing and helps soothe skin. It also helps regulate skin’s oil-balance, revealing visible improvements within 7 days.

Delight Fresh Tea Tree Night Jelly Renew Your Skin Overnight

Delight Fresh Tea Tree Night Jelly contains Sebosoft ® and Exo-TTM , which prevents acne and exfoliates surface dead skin cells. It can be used as an emergency treatment for acnes, by applying a thick layer on top of the acne to soothe inflammation. ™ effectively controls skin’s oil balance, improving health of skin pores, and inhibits excessive sebum production.

Also contains BacocalmineTM, which is extracted from Brahmi and protects skin from free radicals and helps soothe inflammations; Hyaluronic acid helps skin cells retain moisture.

Special jelly texture holds in all the nutrients and enhances skin’s absorption during sleep revealing refined, translucent skin the next morning.

Focusing on common skin problems that occur during summer, FOR BELOVED ONE developed the new “Intelligent Oil-Balance Skin Renewal Technology” emphasizing on three main functions: 1. Refresh and moisturize
2. Clear acnes and renew skin
3. Soothe

Within 7 days, oil balance is regulated and skin condition is improved.

Perfect Compound Formulas to Moisturize and Relieve All Skin Problems Essential Oils to Pamper your Skin with the most Refreshing Treatment

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil
    Tea tree essential oil has been commonly used as a natural antibacterial agent, with strong antibacterial and antiseptic qualities. The antiseptic properties can prevent fungal or bacterial infection, clear toxins, reduce swelling, and promote wound healing and strengthen skin’s immunity.
  • Lavender Essential Oil
    Lavender essential oil is the best soothing essential oil since ancient times. Its unique scent has an excellent effect for relieving pressure, and also has antibacterial, healing, antiseptic and nurturing properties.
  • Witch Hazel Extract
    Witch Hazel extract is an astringent and has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. Witch Hazel is able to constrict blood vessels, and it is one of the most popular natural ingredients in oil-control skincare products.
  • Hyaluronic Acid
    Hyaluronic acid is produced by microbial fermentation. Its complete network structure helps moisture absorption, has high viscosity and high molecular weight to increase skin’s moisture content and strengthens skin’s water locking properties to achieve the best moisturizing results.

Ingredients list...

After daily skincare routine, apply desired amount onto face before sleep.
No need to rinse.
Apply 2-3 times a week for best results.

The jelly is light and very moist

Ingredients list
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I have tried using this for twice or once per week since mid June 2013. I start using this at the very first night of receiving this product. 

Ever since my skin went back to my original skin type "oily combination"... I have been having some inflammation, oil spots and blemishes near my jaw line, chin, and forhead... they just popped out like every now and then ... although they heal quite fast but they also pop out new one very fast lor! (super irritating...) What worse was that, my t-zone was a bit oily, I also have some "dryness" on my cheeks. IF I use back my rich cream, it does helps to hydrate the dry area... but it make my oil spot, blemishes or inflammation worse!!!!!!!!

I really do NOT like dealing with this... how I wish I have dry skin now, no blemishes and ugly spots around my face... just dry, tight and painful skin.. I just apply thick and rich cream I will be pain free! (lolx).

Anyway, back to the review....
  • This overnight gel jelly feel sooooo nice on the skin, it cool down my warm skin (which is one of the reasons that causes inflammation!!!! DO NOT WANT WARM SKIN!)
  • The jelly was pretty lightweight, the gel was very moist and very easy to spread around the face.
  • Very refreshing
    Skin feel minty and oh so nice
  • Soothing and calm angry inflammated spots!
  • Doesn't feel to strong (harsh) on sensitive skin
  • Doesn't casue any redness also
    (some tea tree product will cause abit of redness on more sensitive area)
  • Very moisturizing
    Note: This overnight jelly gel is the last step of the skincare routine... so I have serum and moisturizing before apply this night jelly.
  • Doesn't causes any skin irritation or any breaking-out
  • Heals blemishes faster
    (I still use 3M acne patches when I'm not using this night jelly)
  • I noticed that my T-zone doesn't look nor feel oily when I'm using this jelly
    (Normally my skin will start to oil up after 1 to 2 hours after applying night skincare, always use a piece of tissue to lightly blot it off my skin.)
  • After applying a thin layer on the face (avoid eye area).. it takes afew min for the skin to feel normal (when I first apply, it does feel abit "sticky".. not those sticky feel.. more of a gel-ish type of feeling)
  • After washing off the face the next day, skin feel smooth and supple
  • This doesn't cause skin to feel "dry and tight" the next day
I really enjoy using this night jelly, it just make skin feel relax and kinda soothe out tired and "painful"(blemishes) skin.  This is quite a large tub (150ml) and I only use about 1/2 level teaspoon amount each time!

FOR BELOVED ONE Delight Fresh Tea Tree Night Jelly
Price : SD$78 (150ml)

Exclusively available  @ Sephora:

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