Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Eyemazing Cosmeline Eyebrow Coloring (with swatches)

Came across the Eyemazing cosmeline eyebrow-coloring at John Little @Plaza Singapura. I love brow-mascara, so I gotta check it out!!! They only have 2 shades in "milktea gold" and "natural maroon".

Simple mascara wand type of tube

Swatches in various lighting

Matte creamy shades - the brow mascara feel a little wet.  I was looking for a more reddish tone brow's mascara - the Natural Maroon still abit too "brown" .

They have blushes, matte powder, lip glosses to false lashes...  and the Eyemazing is under The Cosme Box Section.(shelve).

Eyemazing Cosmeline is available at John Little
The eyebrow-coloring is retail at SD$26.90 each