Saturday, August 10, 2013

ESYORO Shimmering Pearl Shadow Palette 8 Colors + swatches

ESYORO is a professional korean cosmetics brand that is available at HKCPlaza (a Korea online shopping mall). ESYORO Shimmering Pearl Shadow Palette is a palette of 8 pigmented creamy frosty eyeshadows.

The casing is simple, neat and sleek and come with a huge decent mirror inside the palette.

Here's the full view of the 8 creamy frosty eyeshadow shades.
  • Top row ::
    frosty white
    glittery champagne gold
    frosty peachy orange
    frosty taupe
  • Bottom row ::
    Very beautiful frosty Wine
    frosty midnight blue
    frosty antique olive
    frosty silvery grey

  • These eyeshadows were very creamy, not chalky at all.
  • Very pigmentated and they blend very nicely on the skin.
  • They don't crease and fade easily with just a very simple primer or eyeshadow base.
    (The wine shade does fade after a few hours into a soft wine-y shade(when using a not so good eyeshadow primer.... but stay one nicely with a nice color base.)
  • I find myself wearing these eyeshadows almost everytimes when I'm heading out.
    (I have tried all shades except the midnight blue)
  • Does has alittle bit of fall out... since they do have glitters in it.

Swatches in various lighting

Swatches of the 4 colors in the top row of the palette

 Swatches of the 4 colors from the bottom row of the palette

Beside this eyeshadows palette, they also carry a wide selection of single eyeshadows!

ESYORO Shimmering Pearl Shadow Palette 8 Colors
Price : SD$88

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