Thursday, August 01, 2013

The new Listerine Green Tea mouth wash (Great discount at Watsons)

The New Listerine® Green Tea Antiseptic Mouthwash are having a SD$2.50 off on the Large bottle (1000ml) at Watsons - Retail price : SD$9.90 (after discount SD$7.40).

Just got this new Listerine green tea mouth wash today... so this is not a review (just sharing the great deal).  I have high hope with this because I love Listerine mouth wash, especially the stay white(or bright smile) version (the bright blue color one).

I personally find that Listerine mouth wash is way better then Colgate or Oral B (thought I prefer Colgate toothpaste... :b).

I just tried the Listerine green tea mouth wash... this doesn't feel too strong, the tea flavour (aroma) was soooooo NICE and clean clean clean feel~  me likey <3

Ingredients list...

They are a lot of great deals and discounts happening at Watsons NOW!

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