Saturday, July 13, 2013

Star Lash new lash designs and complimentary products

A couple years ago, Star Lash was first launched in Watsons under the "My vanity box" (link) and now, they are rebranding themselves and at the same time, introducing more "eyes" related products like eyeliners and applicators.

Star Lash is a brand that was created in 2008, and is available at the regular retail points, offering quality lashes made affordable. The concept of the brand and the product designs are fully crafted in Singapore and we can proud to say that this is our very first Singaporean lash label.

Grown over the years from its very first design to over 100 designs at present, Star Lash is also in the midst of updating the range with more lash designs to fit current market trends and also with more products to compliment.

Star Lash are very happy that customers that picked up on Star Lash love the products and have helped them to grow quickly via word-of-mouth. Product quality is something Star Lash are confident of and something they are very committed to.

Evolution of star lash
  • Launched in 2007, high double digit growth every year
  • Distributed in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, UK and Japan
  • In Singapore, point of sale include major retailers like Watsons, Sasa, BHG, John little, Pink Beauty and many other independent retailers
  • Star lash processed from a time when lashes were a "good-to-have" to a "must-have" item now
  • Over 100 Handwoven lashes designs

Price : SD$8.90 to SD$12.90 for premium ranges
$22.90 for party range.

Star lash best selling design
Price : SD$8.90 (per pair)

I tried on a pair at the workshop... I didn't have much hope cos I always fail at applying lashes! But to my surprise, I put it on in one try! Weeeee~

I'm wearing DB17

The band of the lashes doesn't feel too hard, quite easy and their glue was pretty decent..
My eyelids doesn't feel too heavy too.

Star Lash Automatic Gel Eyeliner Pencil
Available in 5 shades to match your day or night makeup look
Price : SD$14.90

  • Completely fuss-free - waterproof and smudgeproof
  • Glides on for a thick and blod look with an intense shade

2 classic shades
  • Intense Black (BL)
    for an intense shade of black that glides on for a bold cat eye look
  • Sexy Brown (BR)
    Get a natural accent to your eyes with a deep brown liner

3 edgy shades
  • Hot Bronze (HB)
    Liner with a metallic gleam and s subtle glitter effect
  • Midnight Blue (MB)
    A deep intense blue with a subtle glitter for a great night look
  • Black Glitter (BG)
    A spin on the classic black liner with a hint of glitter

I'm quite interested on how hot bronze will look like... at the workshop, I can't find this shade...

Star lash lightning liquid eyeliner (Waterproof)
Liquid version of the popular gel pencil range for different consumer preferenecs
Price : SD$16.90

  • Completely fuss-free : Water proof and smudgeproof
  • Sharp tip for you to draw on a thin tightline or layer on for everyone's favourite cat-eye look!

Available in 2 classic shades:

  • Intense black (BL)
    Build on an intense shade of black that glides on for a blod cat eye look
  • Sexy Brown (BR)
    Get a natural accent to your eyes with a deep brown liner

Star Lash Golden Ratio Brow Pencils 
Price : SD$16.90
Availabl in 3 classic shades

I will do a seperated post on the eyeliner (review)

Star Lash is available at BHG, John Little, Pink Beauty, SASA, Watsons and soon to come... their very own e-store at

  • Star Lash Lashes
    SD$8.90 to S$12.90 for premium ranges
    SD$22.90 for party range.
  • Star Lash Automatic Gel Eyeliner Pencil
  • Star Lash Lightning Liquid Eyeliner WP 
  •  Star Lash Golden Ratio Brow Pencils
  • Star Lash eyelash curler, tweezers and applicators
    SD$5.90 each
  • Star Lash Corrector/Remover Tips

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