Friday, July 19, 2013

Skinfood Red Orange Sun Powder SPF 45 PA+++ (Review)

Skinfood Red Orange Sun Powder SPF45 PA+++ is a loose powder form of sunscreeen. I have this powder for over a year now and I no way finishing it soon.

Have been rotating this loose powder with my other powders for the since June 2012 but at some points, I did gave this powder a good whole month of usage (almost everyday).  So I guess... I should show some love by doing a full review.

Skinfood Red Orange Sun Powder SPF45 PA+++
Retail Price:: SD$33.90

An airy-light loose powder plus sunscreen that creates a translucent complexion with a nice subtle shimmer while providing powerful protection against sun exposure. It contain extra fine particles and revitalizing extracts from Red Orange that help in correct skin tone and create smooth and glowing skin.

More about the Skinfood Red Orange Range (Link)

    Pouring out some of the loose powder thru the mesh lid

    It does look "pale" when you put too much powder (this is way to much.. I'm just showing how the powder will look like when spreading out by my finger".. I don't apply like that on my face la! lolx)
    Here's the half face of setting my bbcream with the sun powder
    (I already applied sunblock and bbcream)
    A little closer shot....

    Please excuse my dry under eyes... No matter what I do they will look abit too drying (enhances my fine lines) after applying concealer, certain type of bbcream or foundation and it look worse with any type of powder! -_-....

    Without makeup.. my fine lines doesn't look too visible and "drying"
    If you have any tips or came across any good concealer... do let me know. So far, Benefit and Kpalette have some great concealers that doesn't feel cakey/patches/enhances the dryness(fine lines) too much.

  • This sun powder gives a little coverage on top of bb cream or foundation
    It does look a bit light (cos it very close to my skinshade and I'm quite fair.
    (Might be a bit too light for darker skin tone)
  • Very finely milled powder
  • Create a smooth skin texture with subtle shimmers
  • The mesh grinds the powder to make it more finely and it will apply nicely and evenly over the skin
  • Does minimize pores a bit 
  • This powder gave skin a nice soft focus finishing
    (Kinda blur out some of the flaws on my face)
  • Does take away the shine(dewy finishing) from the bbcream
  • Does brighten up the complexion (has a bit of sheen)
  • Doesn't look patchy or cakey on the skin
  • The good point of a powder sunscreen is that I can reapply anytime I want to freshen up the spf
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • No breaking out
  • The powder last well.. until I start to sweat
  • Average oil control
I enjoy using this sun powder as setting powder cos even when my skin is dry and flakey... this doesn't enhance too much of the dryness and make skin feel uncomfortable. 

Now, my skin is back to it horrible combination oily skin... not too oily, but get inflammation very easily! Hate that my skin get hot and uncomfortable very easily and new bumps will pop out like it's their freedom day!)

Anyway.. right now, I'm having flu and abit of sore throat (musky voice).... so hello flakey skin (A combination of oily T-zone with flakey skin =_="')

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