Sunday, July 28, 2013

Olay Regenerist advanced cleansing system

July 2013 -  Olay, the world's number one facial skincare brand, unveils a new skincare revolution from its recently upgraded Regenerist advanced anti-aging line-up. An innovative, advanced cleansing system designed to provided women with advanced cleansing at their fingertips.

The Olay Regenerist advanced cleansing system is Olay's first-ever cleansing device, designed to provide daily, professional skin cleansing that gently exfoliates to reveal brighter, smoother skin with each use.

Shown to cleanse four times better than basic cleansing. the device's micro-massaging action cleanses deep and gently exfoliates skin to effectively prepare it for the anti-aging routine.

A powerful, yet gentle cleanser
Olay Regenerist advanced cleansing system has been tried, tested and proven by dermatologists and real women, to powerfully remove long-lasting, smudge-proof make up, while still staying soft and gentle on the skin.

The two speed rotating system consists of a brush-head that revolves at 350 times per minutes, reaching the skin's contours where fingers cannot reach to gently lift and remove dirt and dead skin from the surface, allowing for a clean, gentle rinse.

At the event, they doing a demo by using this brush on a tomato.. and the tomato skin doesn't feel or look like it's being brushed!!! (The brush does feel light and non abrasive.. I have to try this out for a period of time before I come back for a detail review)

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At the media launch~


We got to test out the product on "body"
One side using the Olay Regenerist advanced cleansing system to cleanse off the color drew on the body where the other side using the regular methods of using makeup remover with cotton pad to "wipe" off the makeup... (obviously using the tool is much faster ~)

Poor guy... with all the rubbing... his skin must be sore....

Apparently NOT... look at his face~ lolololololx~

Some of the popular Olay skincare products~

Olay Regenerist skincare range~

At the event... we make use of the photobooth~

Olay Regenerist advanced cleansing system will be available in August 2013 in most leading departmental stores and pharmacies where Olay products are sold.

Retail Price : SD$49.90
Replaceable brush heads are sold separately at SD$11.90each

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