Saturday, July 27, 2013

Introducing GOSH Cosmetics Spring 2013 (Singapore + Makeover)

Finally, GOSH Cosmetics is available in Singapore!!! A wide selection of products from mascaras, eyeliners, eyeshadows, base and primer!!! You got to check it out yourself!! Available exclusively at Sasa

Right now, Sasa are having promotion on GOSH Cosmetics 
1st item 10% off
2nd item 20% off

GOSH Volume Lip shine volume (SD$23.90)

GOSH has a wide range of mascaras!!!
I see until eye blurred @.@~

Even have a chart to show the type of mascara applicators~

 Brows products from GOSH
Brows cake powder, brow's mascara (SD$21.90) and brow's liquid liners (not all in pic)

The liquid brow's liner feel and look good~

GOSH Liquid liner (SD$21.90)

GOSH eyeliners

GOSH Matt Duo eye shadow

GOSH Precious powder pearl

GOSH Natural Touch Foundation (Price : SD$31.90)

Had a mini make over at SASA using all GOSH products....
I already have make-up on.. I'm wearing a pale gold eyeshadow, no lip color and almost wearing off base :P

 Whispering ~ I don't want dark brows... kkekekee

The brow color match my hair quite nicely~

Ming!! Stop making me laugh or talking to moi when she's putting on some pretty colors on my lips

I look better in selca (selfshot... I know my angle the best.. no best side.. just beside angle.. kekekke)
And the lighting away from the light board also make me look so much better~

Here's the products she used on my chubby face~

Some candid shots... 
The awkward moment when the makeup artist is searching for products and I donno what I should do while facing the crowd~

When I saw +miwitch Jones ( going to take a pic from bad bad bad bad angel!!!

Rainbow lace ~ I support freedom of "choice"

Here are all the press information on all the products available at SASA Cosmetics

GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Classic

GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Cream

GOSH Velvet Touch Foundation Anti-wrinkle

GOSH X-Ceptional Wear Make-Up

GOSH Natural Touch Foundation

GOSH BBcream

GOSH Press powder

GOSH Bronzing Powder

GOSH Giant Sun Powder
This is a huge compact

GOSH Bronzing Shimmer Powder

GOSH Multicolour Blush

GOSH Natural Blush

GOSH Precious Powder Pearls

GOSH Mineral Colour pigments

GOSH Smokey eyes palette

GOSH Quattro eye shadow

GOSH Matt Duo eye shadow

GOSH Mono Eye shadow

GOSH Velvet Touch Lip liner (Waterproof)

GOSH The Ultimate eye liner (with a twist)

GOSH Velvet Touch Liner (Waterproof)

GOSH Intense Eye liner pen

GOSH Long Lasting eye liner pen

GOSH Eye liner pen

GOSH Kohl/eye liner

GOSH Velvet touch line perfector

GOSH Volume Lip shine

GOSH Velvet touch lipstick

GOSH Long lasting Lip marker

GOSH Lip Gloss

GOSH Light'n shin lip glaze

GOSH Intense lip color

GOSH Beyond real mascara

GOSH Growth Mascara

GOSH Growth serum

GOSH Boombastic mascara

GOSH Catchy Eyes Mascara

GOSH Boost your lashes mascara

GOSH Amazing Length'n build mascara

GOSH Amazing length'n build mascara (Waterproof)

GOSH Show me volume mascara

GOSH Show me volume - carbon black mascara

GOSH Wonder Volume Mascara

GOSH Serious volume mascara

GOSH BB Skin Perfecting Kit

GOSH Click'n Conceal

GOSH Eye shadow base
(I wanna try this... always searching for a good eyeshadow base/primer! I have very thick and deep double eyelid folds, and they creases very easily!!!!)

GOSH Mineral waterproof eye shadow

GOSH Brow Kit

GOSH Defining Brow Gel

GOSH Long lasting brow pen
(I swatches these... I like how it feel and the shade)

GOSH Eyebrow Pencil

GOSH Pencil Sharpener

GOSH Make-up brushes

GOSH Matt Effect top coat

GOSH Nail lacquer

GOSH Cosmetics is available exclusively at SASA Cosmetics Singapore
Price :  SD$40(+/-)

Information extracted from press file.
I'm not affiliated with the company.