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Dasoda GF Super Eyelash Essence Review

Dasoda GF Super Eyelash Essence a thick and rich eyelash essence that will treats damages lashes, gives shine and body to the cuticles, provides moisture to the delicate skin and firms the loose skin to treat puffy and dull eyelids. Enhances curling effects of your mascara.

Dasoda GF Super Eyelash Essence is an all effects in ONE product
  • Beautifying and Protecting eyelashes
    Root care, moisturizing inside the lashes and cuticle protection
  • As an eye zone essence
    Moisturizing eye zone (eyelids) and treat dull skin
  • As a mascara base
    Seperating and curl the lashes

Active ingredients(essence)
  • EGF + FGF
    EGF steers the cell activation and a combination use with FGF promotes the synthesis and division of the epidermis, dermis and hair matrix cells
  • Prohairin-β4 + Hydrolyzed Keratin
    (Hair root care) Soothes skin inflammation and enhances beauty effects. Increases keratin effects and stimulates hair growth. It also protects cells and prevents moisture evaporation to dramatically enhance skin beautifying and hair growth effects.
  • Silk powder
    It is known to consist of almost the same proteins that make up the human skin. It has many effects such as hair growth, skin irritation prevention and moisture retention.
  • Panthenol
    Activates skin cells and strengthens the skin's natural resistance. It penetrates into the hair and provides treatment and hair nourishing effects.
  • Lipiduria®
    Has a moisturizing ability that is more then two times of hyaluronic acid and protects the skin by security retaining its moistures.
  • Vitamin B12
    Used mainly to restore or maintain healthy skin. It activates the formulated ingredients and stabilizes their balance
  • Ceramide
    Enhances the skin's moisturizing ability and increases the dewy or supple feeling

The highly-functional feeder brush pen type bottle
The brush feel soft on the skin and on the lash line, easy to apply to the eye area and roots of the lashes. The feeder type container also enables use to cleanly use up the entire bottle.

Since this does not allow the liquid to go back into the container(pen) once dispensed, delicate ingredients can be safely formulated. The same container is currently used by premium brands which used high quality ingredients.

With feeder type containers, it prevents impurities attached to the lashes or eye area to go back into the container, which will cause bacteria to contaminate the container which will effect the ingredients. This bottle is highly hygienic and the quality of the product remain.

Got a little window at the side of the pen

I like to apply one layer on the lash line... and then just use the tip point and lightly go in-between of the lashes to apply even coat of serum on the "root"

After using the serum for more then a month, here's how I feel on this product.
  • The serum doesn't make my eyes or eyelids feeling itchy
  • No irritation
  • No breaking-out/no millia seeds
  • Doesn't blind me (lolx)
  • Lashes look alittle glossy
  • This is also an eye area essence
    (I find it weird at first, then I learned that this essence will only make hair grow where they is hair follicle (dah~ obviously right.. no follicle where got hair?? lolx.. silly me~)
  • Does make my lashes feel thicker (when I touch it.. but I do not see obvious thickening thru the mirror)
  • Lashes does feel a bit stronger, cos I don't see breakage nor fall out of my lashes often
  • As for lengthening wise.. I do not see it, but when I touch my lashes with my fingers, I do feel that it's a bit longer.. lolx (maybe it does.. but not in the obvious way)
  • I tried using this a few times before mascara.... I find that it does help a little bit in volume.
    As for curling part... my lashes is super stubborn Asian lashes.. they just refuse to curl until I curl it with a lash curler!!!  I just enjoy the fact that I have a coat of protecting layer before mascara to prevent futher damaging from applying "dry/waterproof" mascara. (It's just something nice to have la)

  • I apply some of the essence on my eyelids, it does feel moisturizing, it's kinda make my eyecream feel more hydrating and "rich"
I prefer to apply the serum before I apply any skincare after washing my face(shower). Cos if I apply eye cream first (the cream would be thicker then my essence/serum) and this won't promise full absorption of the essence.

After 28 days~

Side by side comparison
I donno why my lashes look like they were stick together on the "day 28" pic.
Doesn't lengthen much... but if you look closely, can see a bit of  "short" lashes near my lash line(root) ... new lashes ^__^ weeee~  but still not so obvious la (lolx)

On eyelash serum/essence

I personally think that eyelash serum/essence is a key for healthy eyelashes. They make your lashes grow nicely and evenly. It doesn't matter which brands as long as I keep applying it, my lashes will somehow feel more thicker and healthy.

Some brands doesn't have any lengthening nor volume effect, but it does help in preventing breakage... which isn't bad to start up with (but if the price that you are paying and it did no lengthening and thickening... it's time to search for another brand.. just keep trying and you will find the one that suit you the best!)

I have tried a few eyelash serum/essence before and Dasoda GF Super Eyelash Essence doesn't fail me.

So so so loving the "pen" type applicator... it is more hygiene then mascara wand applicator type. Although this essence is slow in lengthening/volume factor but I like that my lashes is feeling thick and "strong" ^_^

Dasoda is available exclusively at SASA Singapore
Price : TBC

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