Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Changing a new hair color at Jean Yip Singapore (Orange)

I have been wanting to change a new color after my last dye (Feb 2013) ...  because my root is getting more and more messy (my original hair color is super intense shiny(oily la) black.. which will make my hair look greasy and super FLAT).

Jean Yip Singapore contacted me asking whether I would be interested to be one of the special guests for their "Style of the month" campaign. I was like.... Why not? lolx

So I popped by Jean Yip Hub at Plaze Singapura (level 4) 2 weeks ago (10th July 2013)....

This is me... before anything..... (See my dark root????)

Back view...  (Still ok la... if you don't mind the black root! lolx)

Oily hair~

Choosing color time... they have a lot of "browns" and "blond" in the chart, but I prefer something more fun and bright (bright - I means lighter then mid-tone brown shade)

I'm so tempt to go red again (the red is more brighter then my previous one) ....... but but but RED is so hard to maintain (be it DIY or salon dye, it's quite common for red dye to run easily), because red pigment don't adhesive well on anything (hair/cloth).... and for my previous dye  (the color that I dye was "Intense copper red") it's faded very naturally and nicely to a more coppery orange shade like after a week or two. (The color still look super shiny and nice even after they faded....)

The pale lilac shade look nice... maybe I should get that the next time or go blond (kekekeke)!!!
I picked ORANGE from the ION Biospa color chart.  (NOT adventurous at all for me, because I always pink orange, coppery type of hair colors ( lolx)..... I just love how orange look on my skintone la..... it makes me look fresh and radiant~

Before color... need to lighten up my dark root
So... hair lightening time....
That's Andy, my stylist~ (His the senior stylist at Jean Yip)

Andy didn't lighten the hair too much... just lighten enough for the orange to show up. He only lighten the root (black part) and not the whole head.

I not sure why he never lighten the whole head.. from my pass experiences, they normally will lighten the whole head (including the tip) to enable the colorant that I choose to adhesive better and show up more evenly. Anyway, I GUESS maybe because my hair is light enough for the orange color dye.

Can see the 2 tone hair .... my original hair (hair tip) is much more "coppery" then the crown part.

NOW onto the Orange dye~
I got a shock when I see the colorant is in this violet shade... 
I double check it with Andy.. (lolx)

See... this is no where close to ORANGE~ lolx

But it's orange la... kekekekkee

Now hair treatment time... doing scalp care
Love it.. so cooling and ahhhhhhhh~

Hair mask~


Blow drying~

Finishing up~

Da dah~ my new hair color under yellowish store lighting

Under day lighting (around 6 plus in the evening)

The color will fade to more orangey after afew wash~

Taken on the 3rd days (after 2 washes)
The redness almost all gone, Andy told me that the color will fade to the orange shade according to the color chart after a few washes. The shade also have to depend on your previous hair color(or how light you have lighten the hair before hand) and not forgetting your hair condition.

*Different hair condition and hair color will react differently to the colorant, so if you have pale blond hair, the orange will look more true to the orange from the color chart, if you have "brown" in your hair.. it will faded to a more "browish" orange shade. And mine have fade to a matte browish orangey shade.

I used color protected shampoo, conditioner and mask to wash and treat my hair. As long as there is "red" in the dye, it is natura that the red will fade, so no matter how hard you try to maintain it. (This is very common la, lolx) 

To protect the hair after coloring, we should use color treatment haircare products, it is less harsh on the hair(since we already going thru intensive chemical process and stripping moisture from the hair from bleaching and coloring), we shouldn't use normal shampoo to cause more damage and dryness to the hair.

Back to the color....
Since Andy only lighten the root part of my hair.. the color look more orangey on the crown and much more muted (brownish orange) on the hair tips.. it kinda created a muted ombre effect.

I'll let the pictures do the talking, you see how the color turn out on my "head" (lolx)

For these 3 months (July to September 2013) Jean Yip is having the "Style of the month" for you to flaunt the new you. Show off your fabulous new look after your cut/color/treatment done at Jean Yip Singapore.

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