Friday, June 21, 2013

NEW Watsons in JEM (Jurong East Mall)

Stop by JEM last Saturday(15 June 2013 - opening date of JEM) after a heavy lunch with my sister at Jurong Point... Since it nearer to our home.. (easy to get home too!)  But never make it above level 1 (too crowded.. so we bail after checking out the basement (Foods lover will know why... lolx)

Walk into Watsons.... MUST check it out!

Pretty cute vanity dresser

Totally love this J BeautyLand corner

Spotted Essence Oz Collection!!!

I live around Jurong East/West Coast area... it's about 5-15 mins(depends on the traffic) bus ride away ... very near where I stay and before the opening... I DIDN'T knew about the opening of JEM!!!!

I popped by the MRT station afew times before the opening... I didn't see the building!! I MUST BE BLIND!!!!  I know they are building different malls around that area but I thought the opening date would be years later!!  #fail

I'm pretty excited about this mall, alot of retails stores like H&M, Robinsons, Shu Uemura, Sephora and ects (much interesting then that Jurong what Point?!?!  Oh and not forgetting it super near my home ^_^)

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Just beside Jurong East MRT/Interchange
50 Jurong Gateway Road, Singapore, Singapore 608549