Monday, June 10, 2013

Naris Up Cosmetics - Modereal Perfect Long mascara (Review)

Naris Up Cosmetics introducing Modereal make-up series - A collection of 4 items consists of mascaras and eyeliner. In this entry I'm going to review Modereal Perfect long mascara. This series will be available exclusively at SaSa Cosmetics outlets.

Every women greatest desires is "Beauty" and most of them wants to look beautiful like a model but normal wasn't enough. But with Modereal and the makeup tips from professionals, we too can replicate a "Model" like makeup on our own.

Modereal makeup series are available in
  • Modereal Perfect Long Mascara (Review in this entry)
  • Modereal Perfect Volume Mascara
  • Modereal Perfect Gel Eyeliner
  • Modereal Perfect Pencil Eyeliner

  • Triple long fibers
    (3 different length fibers to layer eyelashes to keep increasing eyelash length)
  • Separate coat oil
    (prevents clumping and actively separetes lashes)
  • Curl keep polymer
    (fixed eyelashes to maintain shapes for a long time)
  • Film Type
    (easy rinse off with warm water)
  • Treatment effect
    (Moisturizing ingredients to gently take care of eyelashes)
  • Deep Black
    Distinct black color for strong impressions
  • Long and short brush
    (Varied length brush catches all eyelashes)

 Makeup tips from professional to create model like look...

Ingredients list

The brush application got 2 different length of brush bristles

My bare lashes

Close up (before I curl my lashes)
I have very stubborn, hard and thick straight lashes

Curl it with my fave curler (from Shu uemura)
I always curl my lashes before and after coating mascara.

Coating mascara over my curled lashes

One coat

2 coats of mascara... can see my lashes start to weigh down after 2 coats

I wait till the mascara to dry and I curl it with curl to curl up my stubborn lashes.

Here's my thoughts on this Modereal Perfect Long mascara after trying out for about 1month plus

  • The mascara wax was abit wet  - but doesn't smudge all over the eye area during application
    (Just abit smudges on the eyelids(but if I have eyeliner on, it won't be that obvious)
  • The mascara dry up (I means on the lashes) quite fast
  • The brush applicator is easy to use 
  • Coat every lashes nicely
  • Doens't look clumpy after 2 coats
  • Lashes look feathery
    (it has this wide-eyes effect)
  • It does weigh down the lashes abit during application
    (I have super stubborn asian lashes : heavy, thick and straight lashes)
  • After I curl up the coated lashes, the curl stay quite well for a few hours
  • Smudgeproof (water resistant)
  • The lashes doesn't feel too drying
  • The fiber doesn't poke into my eyes
  • No irritation during application and wearing it for the whole day
  • The shade of this black mascara was quite intense
    (Does give a fuller look)
  • Does lengthens my lashes
  • No flaking
  • Easy to remove with warm water or with cleansing oil

Modereal Perfect makeup series will be available in BHG
Price : SD$32.90 (I need to confirm again - will come back to edit)

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About Naris Up Cosmetics
The name "Naris" is derived from the English word "nourish." The insignia design is based on the lily, exemplifying gentleness and receptivity. Naris cosmetics Co., Ltd, has always been at the forefront of the interactions with customers, while continuing in the quest for the true essence of beauty.
Based on Naris's management philosophy of existing "for others", Naris have always worked with the aim of providing customers with security and happiness by way of cosmetics and are passionate to rise to this new challenge.

As a cosmetics manufacturer, Naris offered the development of cosmetics with features that include enhancement of this power that the skin possesses --its immune capacity for maintaining healthy skin that can be used with peace of mind by elderly people. Naris have always used high-level technological expertise to search for a variety of materials from among nature's many unknown substances that possess latent possibilities.

Science and technology are not all-powerful. Yet if utilize such technology to use the gifts of nature to the greatest advantage, the results can be wonderful.

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