Thursday, June 13, 2013

Models Own Lipgloss in Pink Wink LG102 (Swatches)

Models Own have been in Singapore since last year which is available at selected Watsons Outlets (Check out Takashimaya Flagship outlet for no disappointment ^^) and I received a set of their products which I blogged about (link), but never do any swatches #fail.

Models Own Lipgloss in Pink Wink (LG102) a sweet blue tone pale pink shade.

Please excuse the lighting.. sun is setting.. so the pink look a bit "carol-ish" in the tube.
One of the reason being that this lip gloss contain gold shimmers ,which wasn't that obvious on the lips.

Should be this pink (I took this before the sun going down)
But under indoor lighting at night - it look like the above pinkish coral shade

 I will blame it on the gold shimmers! The shimmers just show up more obvious on my camera!

The gloss tube is a thick and firm transparent acrylic - which make the lipgloss look and feel pretty sleek and solid!

doe foot applicator

Ingredients list

Here's my bare lips
(My lips wasn't as dry as before ^^ happy~)

Pink Wink is a sheer but buildable blue tone pink gloss (See the shimmers wasn't obvious on the lips)

Please excuse my messy application - I apply the lipgloss thru the camera 
(forgot my mirror / too lazy to walk a few steps to get it!! #lazybum)

The lipgloss feel pretty normal, doesn't taste nor smell funky.
Not very sticky or waxy type.. pretty normal lipgloss texture.. just a bit more moist and easy to apply then some thick gloss.

My face always look matte when I didn't put on makeup.. with base, my nose shine like nobody businese.. hai~ The bright sunlight hids all my inflammation bump on my chin/cheek(phew~)

Swatches from various lighting
From light, heavy to heavy blended out swatches


Models Own is available at selected Watsons outlets
Price : Not too sure... I'll check and edit soon

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