Tuesday, June 25, 2013

LAQA & CO Fat Lip Pencil in Fairyblood and Lampchop (swatches)

While I was digging thru my drawers of new products, I saw these 2 Fat Lip Pencil from LAQA & CO, totally forgotten when and where I got this.. but it doesn't hurt to do a little swatches post~

LAQA & CO Fat Lip Pencil in Fairyblood

Ingredients list of FairyBlood

LAQA & CO Fat Lip Pencil in Lampchop

Ingredients list for Lampchop

Swatches of both Lampchop and Fairyblood

Fairyblood on the pencil itself, look quite "orangey" but when I swatch it, it a sheer pale pink with gold shimmer~

Where Lampchop is a pretty blue tone pink - a bit more intense in pigmentation wise as compare to fairyblood.

LAQA & Co Fat Lip Pencil is quite "oily: - smooth application .. the texture feels like a lighter version of lipstick and less "wet" and sticky as compare to lipgloss.