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Introducing Marc Anthony New Dream Waves Amplifying Collection

Volume and soft natural wavey hair are what I always look for on hair cleansing products (Ya, I means Shampoo!!). So whenever I see these words "Volume, texture, airy" on shampoos.... I have to get it! And when I received the Marc Anthony New Dream Waves Amplifying Collection ... I try it out right away (lolx)!!! 

Marc Anthony New Dream Waves Amplifying Collection consists of Amplifying Shampoo and ConditionerDream Waves Beach Spray was launched last year.

Marc Anthony turns that beach wave fling into a full-on hair affair with New Dream Waves Amplfying Collection. The entire collection is created to not only pump up hair wave, but to amplfy hair volume for bigger waves and more movement. Add texture to straight or wavy hair for natural looking carefree waves.

Gets Sultry sexy waves... with the Dream Waves Amplifying Colleciton

Soft, flowing, extra volume Waves.....
.....Sinfully Seductive

Start with Amplifying Shampoo and Conditioner to prepare hair for a full day of volume and texture. The hidden treasure... special conditioning polymers helps to add body to limp hair, create extra wavy bounce and block humidity for longer lasting style. Hydrolyzed silk and provitamin B5 add moisture and high shine.

Marc Anthony New Dream Waves Amplifying Shampoo
Price : SD$19.90


Let do alittle talks about my hair condition before I start talking about the shampoo and conditioner (incare you never read any of my hair product reviews before)

My hair is heavy, fine, straight (abit wavey from mid section onwards - due to sleeping habit) and oh my gosh oily (I have super sleek "wet" hair look... I know it's IN now on the runway.. but I do not fancy it at all!!!!) And it's not easy to find a shampoo that can make my scalp and hair around my crown area look airy and volume after a day.

So I don't think much on this field as long as my hair look really awesome, clean, fluffy and volume on the first day. (I wash my hair everyday or twice per day (depend on my scalp oiliness.. but normally at the end of the day... )

When I FIRST squeeze out the shampoo.. OMYGOSH.. I'm in heaven, the coconut scent was so yummylicious, totally made me craving for coconut tarts everyday!!!! (The bakery near my place doesn't have any coconut tarts except coconut buns (they are NOT the same!!!)

Back to the shampoo...
  • Lovely coconut scent on both shampoo and conditioner
  • Beside the heavenly yummy scent, the shampoo lathers on the hair/scalp and it foam up really nicely.
  • Hair and scalp feel clean, not those squeaky and stiff type of clean feel. More of a moisturizing clean feel.
  • Hair does feel soft and smooth (when dries)
  • Quite moisturizing
  • Hair does look shiny even with the "waves"
  • It does thicken my hair (body) can feel the volume
  • Hair feel fluffy and abit wavey
  • Doesn't weigh down my heavy hair
  • But the oil control part wasn't that good!
    The roots of my hairs feel oily the next day (I wash my hair in the evening.. and next day.. it look abit oily) But the hair body still look nice and wavy. (I just use dry shampoo to volume up my hair (near my scalp) and suck off the oiliness. 
  • No irritation on my scalp during the course of using this shampoo everyday
    (And rotated with a anti dandruff shampoo or deep cleansing shampoo once per week)
  • Scalp doesn't feel itchy and no clogging (my scalp clog very easily cos of the oiliness!)
    Wash always the dry shampoo very well also - prevent clog pores on my scalp!
  • The conditioner doesn't make my scalp itchy or make my hair feel too heavy
    (Feel quite nice to pair it with the shampoo - not too rich for my oily hair)
My sister who has dry hair - this shampoo wasn't too drying on her hair ... I see her wavey volumed hair look more neat (less fuzzy) and feel really soft after using the the shampoo and conditioner (she used alot of conditioner.. so the conditioner always finish up first!!!)

I don't have much complain except the oil control factor.... but most of the shampoo doesn't have good oily control on my.. so I shouldn't be complaining! (lolx)

A tube of 250ml shampoo last about 1 month for my sister and I (The conditioner didn't last for a month!)... I used a lot of shampoo (we both have long hair... around the waist) and I always rinse and repeat (I have oily scalp and hair.. I NEED to repeat) and my sister use alot of conditioner.. cos she has super dry hair!

Marc Anthony New Dream Waves Amplifying Conditioner
Price : SD$19.90

Ingredients list...

Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray
Sexy Beach Waves
Price : SD$21.90

I had a bottle of this and I never get to try it.. don't ask me why la..
If you have super oily and sensitive scalp, you will know why I always dragged to put(try) on hair products (I will try it ONLY when I know I won't be going anywhere to test it out first.. cos I don't want wet sleek and flat hair when I headed out!!!)

Review for this will be on seperate entry...

Ingredients list...

Received the kit in this cute little waterproof drawstring beach bag with a flower clip <3

Marc Anthony New Dream Waves Amplifying Collection are retails exclusively at Watsons

Price ::
Dream Waves Amplifying Shampoo SD$19.90 (250ml)
Dream Waves Amplifying Conditioner SD$19.90 (250ml)
Dream Waves Beach Spray SD$21.90 (125ml)

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