Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Introducing AIBI no!no! Hair

AIBI introducing no!no! Hair a gadget that will remove hair safely, effectively on all skin colors. no! no! Hair.  A patented device with exclusive Thermicon technology, uses heat to remove hair and get long-lasting results over time. It is universally safe and effective for everyone. Unlike Laser and IPL hair removers which will not work on dark skin, no!no! Hair works on any skin tone.

When I first heard about this... it just sound so scary! But after the presentation, it seem alright and easy to use.

Unlike waxing which is painful and shaving may result in ingrown-hair, no!no! Hair will be painless and effective, leaving skin smooth to touch. It is the answer to the ever-growing demand for professional hair-removing with long-lasting result, which everyone of us can do it easily, safely, conveniently and economically in the privacy of our own homes.  


no!no! Hair is a nice piece of product that comes in 3 attractive colors, pink for ladies, black for men and silver piece for both sexes. You can practically use it to remove facial hair, side-burn, arm and leg hair as well as bikini-line with no pain.

With no!no! Hair, there is no pulling, tearing or scraping, just a slow, smooth glide that gently and easily removes unwanted hair.


no!no!Hair will be available at AIBI outlets
Introductory offer at SD$468

Information extracted from press file.