Thursday, June 20, 2013

Beating the haze with some simple steps

A random post on how I trying to get by the crazy haze situation we are facing in Singapore. Beside the known steps of precautious., like wearing a mask, stay indoor, drink more water and wash your hands before you eat... I'm going to show you what I do beside all that.

Detox is the key, flush out all the toxin we inhale from our liver:

Consume foods/fruits that are rich in fiber. 
Our liver brings the toxins that enter our body straight to your digestive system. So when our digestive system has enough fiber, the toxins bind with the food that we eat and are eliminated with our next bowel movement. (It just helps to flush out most of the toxin we eat/inhale from our liver/body)

Foods high in fiber include pineapple (I always take pineapple), wheat bread, whole grains, flaxseeds, corn, prunes, apples and beans.

Chinese cooling water (like Cool Rhino cooling water, Oldenlandia water ects) can add a bit of salt, if you body is super heaty (from the weathers or heaty foods)

I prefer sparkling Oldenlandia water on hot hot day~ aaaahhhhhhhhh~

(I love that the Cool Rhino change the packaging.. so simple and kinda chic)

And not forget the amazing turmeric powder (Read about it here)

Taking Vitamin C also help to detoxify our liver...
(500 mg of vitamin C per day) Vitamin C helps detoxify your liver.

If you don't like taking pills, you can try these tablets (Just dissolves one tablet in water )

If you are lazy to find all these and want something that is "all in one to cleanse the liver"....  you can try Brand's Sesamin with Schisandra extract (For healthy liver). 

I know there a lot of supplement brands that have similar function, but I've never tried those before... so I cannot name any of it beside Brand's ^_^

Oh and not forgetting to drink tons of water and reduce in take of coffee, teas and daily products.

As for skin (application) 
Just remember to use makeup remover to cleanse your face even if you do not apply any makeup - need to cleanse off the pollutant (dust) that sit on the skin.

Cleanse, moisturizing and hydrate to prevent inflammation and itchiness. Keep skin well hydrated will prevent inflammation (Vichy, La roche-posay thermale spring water spray helps a lot too!)

On the body
If you have eczema like me... OIL... apply oil all over your body.. it prevent the dryness of the pollutant air to irritate your skin... thick heavy bodycreams helps too!!

I use a lot of axe oil ... my eczema flare out haven't been totally gone and this haze ...hai~ Beside... I also love using thick cream.. like bodyshop butter (I prefer the nuts one.. so thick and creamy!!!)

Can use any type of body lotion, cream and moisturizer.. just use the one you love ^_^

Not forgetting our eyes... they get irritated very easily with polluted environment...
Use any normal Saline eyedrops to wash your eyes!!

Here's a fun and "useful" tips on buying mask by Smith  (A post to cheer us up on this hazy day)

Do you all have any tips to share??
Do share with me so that we can try to make life a little more easy ^_^

Chantana <3