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The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BBcream (Review)

In April 2013, The body Shop launched the Vitamin E Cool BBcream - A repackaged from their previous Vitamin E tinted moisturizer.

Vitamin E Cool BB Cream, The body shop new take on BB cream illuminates, evens skin tone and protects with moisture for 12 hours.

Available in one cool shade, the lightweight texture will effortlessly blend onto skin for a fresh and natural look.

  • Hydrates to protect
  • Evens tone
  • Fresh-looking skin
  • One cool shade

  • The ‘cool’ word on the product doesn’t mean that the product will leave a cooling effect after applying. It is more of a skincare than a makeup product because of the Vitamin E ingredient and the sheerness of the coverage.

    Applying the bbcream on it own will give skin a more even tone and at the same time hydrates our skin.

    The key ingredient in this product is Wheatgerm Oil, which is antioxidant and nature’s richest source of Vitamin E.

    Ingredients list

    Product swatches 
    (Taken without flash)

    (Taken with flash)

    Spreading out~

    (Taken with flash)

    (close up)

    Spread and blended out evenly 
    Can see that it made my skin look tan~

    On the face
    After sunblock

    swatched the bbcream on my cheek
    Look pretty warm on my skin(right?)

    Please excuse my somewhat inflammated skin!!!
    My skin is getting back to it original state (which is combination skin, abit oily) ... feeling way better then those period where I have dry, tight and painful skin. Skin is feeling better, but combination skin means... I will get inflammation/blemishes easily if I never cleanse well, or used too rich/creamy products. 

    I have spot here and here from time to time (it's like one healed another pop out! *sigh*)

    Can see that the side of skin with bbcream on..... complexion look more even, not so reddish and smoother.... but look darker la.. not as "radiant/brightening"

    Close up on how the bbcream look after blended out on the skin.
    The bbcream doesnt feel like a foundation nor bbcream (I means base product with color pigments).. really feel like a tinted moisturizer!!!

    BBcream on the whole face~
    The finishing of the bbcream is a bit dewy
    Sadly the shade was a bit dark on me, making my skin look "a bit" tan.

    I just set my face with pressed foundation (using a sponge for more coverage) to lightening up the tone and also give a bit more coverage.

    Here's my thoughts after trying out this bbcream for almost 2months
    • The bbcream feel very moist and creamy
    • quite  moisturizing on the skin
    • Spread out easily
    • The shade was abit too dark on me (Well, I'm quite fair to begin with.. so this will look ok on average skin tone)
    • The cream doesn't look nor feel heavy on the skin
    • Doesn't have the cakey nor patchy finishing
    • Doesn't cause any break out
    • No skin irritation
    • skin look moist and hydrated 
    • The finishing of this bbcream is abit dewy (not matte type)
    • Need to set it with foundation/loose powder(if you not looking for coverage)
    • Sheer to almost no coverage (Buildable coverage to a slightly low medium coverage)
    • Even out skin complexion
    • Reduce redness on the skin
    I enjoy using this on lazy day where I dont need much coverage.
    Just sunblock, bbcream and set it with my pressed foundation... no need to worry about "thickness" or having cakey nor patchy skin.

    With this combo(bbcream+loose powder or pressed foundation) - it last around 2-4hrs of nice dewy even skin,

    If I layer with liquid foundation (use the bbcream as a primer/base), the foundation will last longer.. like 5-8hrs (depend on the weathers).

    Just the bbcream alone, I will start to see my spot/uneven complexion about 2 to 3 hours (tested this out while walking my dogs in the park)

    The Body Shop Vitamin E Cool BBcream will be available at The Body Shop
    Price : SD$26.90 (100ml)

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