Thursday, May 02, 2013

New Easy-Lites by Marc Anthony Hair Care - Instant highlights in seconds

Easy-Lites, a breakthrough product from Marc Anthony Hair Cair. An instant hair highlights spray for all hair color and texture without the salon or the sun.

Sound very interesting right?

A very easy and simple highlight spray... Just spray and flat iron it to get instant pretty sunkissed highlights.  It also give you the control to lift each highlight to your desired shade level. The more you flat iron the more obvious the highlights appear. And this work on all hair color and texture.

Ingredients list

Here a Youtube video on how to do instant highlight with Marc Anthony Easy-Lites

Here I tried this on myself and my sisters ^^

Me (Mine kinda fail, cos my hair too oily la!!)

My black root look sooooooo oily!!
Going to "dye" my hair soon - I'm thinking dark intense pink 
 Very "steamy" careful not to go too close to your scalp the steam is pretty HOT!

See.. it does lighten up abit (if my hair wasn't that oily.. it will be more obvious!)
My oily hair, will look super oily and wet when touches "water"

Try this on Ariya's hair (She has dry hair and it work so much better on her!)


See... the highlight is very obvious!!!!

  • Very easy to use
  • doesn't feel oily nor sticky (just a bit wet from the "highlight spray")
  • Not very stinky
  • The Easy-Lites spray works better on not so oily hair 
  • Hair doesn't feel dry after "flat ironing" off the highlight spray
  • The spray can keep for a month after opening(first use)

Marc Anthony Hair Care Easy-Lites is exclusively available at Watsons Singapore

Price : SD$21.90 
(I can't remember - will check and edit if I'm wrong)

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