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Majolica Majorca Limited Edition Moonlight Virgin Chapter 37

Majolica Majorca introducing their Chapter 37 limited edition collection, Moonlight Virgin. A collection of products for a soft dewy and glistening makeup look.

"At midnight, the melody of the moon beckons.
The girl is a creature of many faces
She pursues beauty insufficient within herself
And greedily stretches out her hand.
Even if it’s for one night or for the moment
If she could only have sweet and
beautiful wings like a swan
Attracted by a dazzling brilliance..."

This season’s (2013 Summer) makeup focuses on gentle colors with shimmery water-like textures of sheen and transparency. Transparent skin, eye makeup that glistens and sheen textures are the main emphasis for an elegant and flawless impression.

Sparking curiosity like a secret garden, pale tones and translucent layer of colors are the focus this season. Majolica Majorca Chapter 37 Moonlight Virgin collection has everything we need for a glistens and sheen textures makeup that will emphasis the trend.

Chapter 37 consists of 5 limited edition summer trend products
  • Lash Expander Edge Meister BR666 (Limited edition)
  • Shiny Ray Liner (Limited edition)
    (The above 2 will be available from 25th April 2013 onwards)

  • Aqua Fizz Shower (Limited edition)
  • Shiny Highlight (Limited edition)
  • The Little Humming Book 2 (Limited edition)
    (The above 3 products will be available from 16th May 2013 onwards)

Majolica Mojorca will be available exclusively at Selected Watsons outlets

Lash Expander Edge Meister BR666
Price : SD$25.90

Brown color for soft and gentle eyes. Lashes extend forever like a swan wing’s.
Gives a powerful and beautiful length. A liquid lengthening long mascara

  • Formulated with jet black fibers (1.3 times* more) and liquid lengthening base for long beautiful strong lashes.
    • Formulated with 4mm long black fibers
    • Contains a liquid lengthening base that smoothly coats each individual lash
  • A duo comb that widens and separates each and every lash.
    • the large comb lengthens and separates lashes while the smaller comb reach shorter lashes such as corner and lower lashes.
  • Formulated with Gloss Oil, which accentuates jet black and shiny lashes.
  • The Speedy Dry Oil allows lashes to ‘curl up’ and ‘keep curl‘, lashes stay curled longer. Sweat, oil, tear and water proof.
  • Formulated with gentle treatment ingredients for lashes.
    • Vitamin E derivatives、Macadamia nuts oil

Shiny Ray Liner (Limited edition)
Price : SD$22.90

A splash of sparkle on eyes and lips.
A pencil liner with a feather to heighten your beauty

  • A translucent pink beige color that blends in easily with drop-like sparkling la-me. This multi-purpose liner is soft and leaves a wet-look appearance.
  • Corrects the eyes and lips shape while leaving a pure and innocent finish.
  • Glides on smoothly for a long-lasting and beautiful finish.
  • A pure-white feather cap to heighten the feeling of a celestial beauty.
  • A clear pink beige with drop-like sparkling lame


The Little Humming Book 2
Price : SD$25.90

A limited makeup palette containing makeup that creates a translucent
and sheen appearance like the moon reflection on water.

A fun makeup palette book containing an eye cream base, 2 eye shadows and a lip gloss.

  • A cream base used as an eye shadow primer.
  • Give eyelids a wet-look gloss when used alone.
  • Apply all over lid to add a glossy and sparkly depth to your eye shadow.
  • A luminesce eye color that is glossy and sparkly when used alone and magical when applied over the eye cream base.
  • A gloss that plumps up and moisturizes. -Formulated with the moisturizing ingredient Royal Honey EX (Acacia honey, Royal jelly extract, Bees wax)


The shimmering pale orange gloss

Shiny Highlight
Price : SD$22.90
Transparency like a moonlit lake.
A highlight cream for cheeks and eyelids.

  • A highlight color that brings out a natural translucent sheen from within.
  • The gel cream blends in perfectly with skin and leaves skin feeling refreshed without a powdery feeling.
  • Velvety smooth without any sticky feeling and long lasting gloss.
  • Keeps dry-prone areas moisturized – moisture treatment effect.
    • Formulated with Macadamia nut oils and Vitamin E derivatives.
  • When used as an eye color base, the hue of color is heightened.
How to use::
Shake well before use. Gently swirl brush around the inside rim of bottle, apply to cheekbone, around eyes, t-zone or any area you want to add brightness and sheen. Apply in small of amounts with brush and gently pat while blending in.


Aqua Fizz Shower
Price : SD$25.90

Eliminates strong odors! Leaves hair and skin refreshed and smooth!

  • Can be used as a hair and body scented treatment lotion or as a fragrance lotion to remove strong odors.
    • Formulated with Raspberry GL extract (Raspberry Extract, Glycerin)
    • Contains hair humectants, cuticle protectors and moisturizing ingredients.
    • Formulated with Sugarcane extract (A deodorizing ingredient)
    • Contains a long-lasting scent ingredient (Long lasting effect)
  • A ‘Majoromantica’ scent of red fruits and concentrated flowers.
  • No artificial coloring added.

Was provided a set of ZA cleansing oils and Majolica Majorca Chapter 37 products.
Read about the ZA Cleansing oils (link)
Will do a makeup look using these products soon! 

Majolica Majorca is exclusively available at selected Watsons

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