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Introducing elite models cosmetics range

Elite Models cosmetics have finally available in Singapore, a cosmetics line developed by Elite (founded in Paris 1972) the number one modeling agency in the world and home to some of the world's most renowned fashion models. With the expertise of makeup artists over the past 30 years, Elite models cosmetics were launched to bring the latest makeup trends to the everyday woman.

In this entry, I will be featuring 4 products from the Elite Models Cosmetics line. I pick up the most basic item in the whole makeup range, foundation, sunblock base and eyeliner (The Fantastic Primer was in the 2013 Watsons Day Out Goodies Box(^^)
  • UV base Pure light in Pink (SD$22.90)
  • Illuminating Foundation in Opale (SD$24.90)
  • MUST HAVE gel liners in Diamond Black (03)
  • Fantastic Primer

UV base Pure light in Pink
Price : SD$22.90
Available in Pink(01) and Purple (02)

Ingredients list

  • The UV Base in Pink doesn't look pink, it look more yellow then pink.
  • A light weight UV base with spf 30
  • Does help to even out the skin discoloration
  • Doesn't cover up pigmentation/red scarrings/spots
  • quite moisturizing
  • Skin does look brighter
  • Doesn't leave a white cast on my skin tone
  • Don't think that this UV base provide any oil control factor
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation nor breaking out
    (have been trying this on and off for the past 2 months)

Beside the UV Base they also have a Clear cover base (Price :SD$24.90)

Illuminating Foundation in Opale 
Price : SD$24.90
Available in 4 shades (Not a wide range)

Fragrance free
Made in France
Suitable for all skin types

Ingedients list

  • This is the lightest shade foundation, this shade was a bit "yellow" on me.. but it wasn't that obvious.
  • The foundation feel light on the skin
  • Quite creamy, but it set into the skin quite fast, so have to apply and blend it in "section by section"
  • Doesn't work too well with oil free sunblock/moisturizer - the foundation will not blend and smooth out nicely on the face.
    I have problems blending the foundation when I was using the Biore UV watery essence sunblock (link)
  • Sheer to medium coverage (buildable)
  • Semi matte finishing (Not my fave finishing as I prefer dewy finishing)
    It look a bit velvety but has the foundation type of "moist texture" ... need to set it with powder.
  • It does brighten up my complexion
  • The foundation last around 6-8hrs (I start to see abit shine on my nose around 4hrs)
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • No breaking out

A light layer of foundation~

Set with Kiss Me, HEROINE MAKE BB powder in shade 01
Eyeliner, mascara (Bourjois Volume glamous colored mascara in purple)
Filled in my eyebrows with K-palette liquid brow liner in shade 01

Beside the illuminating foundation they also have Perfection fluid foundation also available in 4 shades (Price : SD$220.90)

Elite Models Fantastic Primer
Price : SD$24.90

Elite Models Fantastic Primer, the star product of the Elite models makeup range. A translucent gel makeup base that is suitable for all skin types.

The essential stage for perfect, even and long-lasting makeup, this water-based gel moisturizes skin while its non-greasy finish keeps skin matt and helps the foundation to stay on. It energizing formula is also complemented with a pleasant cucumber fragrance to keep you feeling fresh and clean, even in hot and humid climates.

Formulated with anti-aging and anti-pollutant agents, as well as extracts of Plankton to fight skin oxidation, this primer helps tp achieve a radiant, healthy and beautiful complexion.

Ingredients list


  • This gel primer feels really moist...
  • Quite moisturizing 
  • Easy to spread all over without pulling the skin
  • The gel feels really refreshing and cooling on the skin
  • I didn't see the mattifying effect, but it doesn't make skin look shiny
  • Doesn't cause any irritation or breaking out (have been using this for more then 2 months)
  • It does make foundation application a little bit easy (I always use primer.. so with this primer, I didn't feel much different)

Beside Fantastic Primer, they also have Just Perfect primer (SD$24.90)

MUST HAVE creme waterproof Gel liner
Price : SD$15.90
Available in 3 shades : Black out(01), Hot Choco (02) and Diamond Black (03)

The one I have is in Diamond black (03)

Ingredients list

Although the gel cream was pulled off from the side of the glass jar, the liner still feel very moist when I poke the eyeliner brush into it (lolx)


  • The gel liner is easy to apply on the lid ... the silver glitter show up very well on the skin.
  • The gel liner is quite creamy and drawn on smoothly on the lid without pulling the skin.
  • The liner doesn't smudge.
  • Quite waterproof
  • Doesn't irritation my skin
  • The liner brush that came with it feel nice too.

Here are some of the products Elite Models cosmetics available exclusively in Watsons
Range from SD$7.90 - SD$26.90

Elite Models cosmetics is available exclusively in Watsons Singapore
Price range from SD$7.90 - SD$26.90

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