Wednesday, May 29, 2013

2013 May Bellabox : Ready for Cannes

This month (May 2013) bellabox is all about getting ready and pretty for Cannes - so the little sticker on the wrapper look darn cute isn't it??

Let's check out what products will be in this month box.

overview of all the stuff inside this little red box

Dr Morita Hyaluronic Acid Essence mask
SD$15.90 (10pcs)
Sample : 1pc = SD$1.59

Sasa eyebrow razor
SD$1.80 (2pcs)

Model Co Lipgloss

The gloss shade was pretty sweet and light 

Lanvin Me Eau De Parfum
SD$108 (50ml)
Sample : SD$4.32 for 2ml

Talika Eye Therapy Patch
SD$120 (6pairs)
Sample : 1 pair = SD$20

Bonus item : The Lash Card
SD$8.90 (10pcs)
Sample : SD$1.78 for 2pcs

Bonus item : Borracha Wine Wips
SD$8.40 (20pcs)
Sample : 1 pcs = SD$0.42

Total amount of this box of samples are ::: SD$52.91
Monthly subscription fee is $19.95
I'll let you decide whether this Bellabox is worth your $$$$

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