Monday, April 15, 2013

Shiseido Ma Cherie Aqua dew energy EX review

"Aqua Dew Energy EX" - A leave on treatment gel for dry hair. 

The only time, I try to use any form of hair treatment is when I have my hair bleached, then I will be super hardworking trying my best to get the moistures back.

I have oily scalp and my normal hair was quite moist(hydrated should be the word) so I always skip any form of hair treatment.... because I'm too lazy ~(lolx)

So when I received this treatment gel from Shiseido Ma Cherie - I didn't know when I will be using it, so I pass it to my sister (she's willing to try all kind of hair treatment, essence, leave-on and mask! Her hair is super dry, puffy (huge) and feel very cotton-y)

Anyway, I got my hair bleached and colored afew months back... so after using mask for a couple of weeks, I decided to try this leave on treatment gel. Its a gel for dry and damaging hair... perfect for my dry hair tip.

Sorry, the press sample doesn't have any english label.. so I have no ingredients list. (I will update the ingredients pic soon)

Here's my thought on this Aqua dew energy EX
Personally, I tried this few times only and because I have oily scalp... I didn't use this on daily basis (This is a treatment product for dry and damaging hair.)

On first try.. (before reading the press release on this product) I try it on my dry hair and it doesn't feel too nice when I put the gel on my dry tip (avoid scalp).  Feels abit stiff (wet, dry and stiff feeling) and after massage the gel into the hair strand. Hair doesn't feel oily nor sticky... I doesn't feel any different from before.(lolx)

So after checking out on how to use this product(reading the press releases), I realised that this is suppose to apply on towel dry hair (when hair still feel damp- after shampooing). And it does make a different ... the result wasn't instantly but it does make hair tip feel more moisturizing over a period of timing. So after using it for a few times... I do notice my hair tips doesn't feel as drying as before.

(Note: My hair wasn't drying to begin with.. it the constant bleaching that causes the tip of my hair to feel abit rough)

Now, here's my sister review...
She have very dry, damaging and puffy hair
She used it everyday on towel dry hair for 15days.
(Pic below are just showing you before and after applying on dried hair)

Day 1
I combed her hair on both before and after applying the gel

After 2 weeks

Close up
Although the pics doesnt say much... but when look closely, you still can see abit of a different. 
When I touch her hair, it doesnt feel like cotton~y hay...

After using it for about 2 weeks..... (Sister's review)
  • Her hair look more vibrant 
  • less frizzy
  • hair feel smoother and softer
  • doesn't feel too drying 
  • hair looks/feels abit stronger too! Not as weak as before.
  • Doesn't feel sticky nor oily
  • Hair feel manageable
Like me, the result wasn't instantly....  but it does improve overtime ^^
But my sister has no paitience... after 2 weeks for just using this treatment gel, she goes back on laying more intense treatment (serum/oil) on top of this treatment gel.

Aqua Dew Energy EX
Price : SD$16.90 (120g)

Ma Cherie is available exclusively at Watsons Singapore

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I went abit crazy few weeks ago... I got the shampoo, conditioner, hair oil and hair mist...
((Hair fragrance and Aqua dew energy Ex were provided))

The main attraction of Ma Cherie was sweet sweet champagne Honey scent and the pretty packaging... And what really got me interested was the "volumizing" label!!! I'm a sucker for any shampoo that say "volumizing" (^_^) as for the other haircare products was mainly for my sister.

I did a review on the Air Feel Shampoo and conditioner on Watsons Singapore Beauty Blog (Beautyplayground by Watsons) and it should be up(publish) soon.

Have you all tried any Ma Cherie product?