Sunday, April 28, 2013

PureDKNY A drop of rose

Back in February 2013 DKNY launched the next chapter of the pureDKNY story, pureDKNY a drop of rose. A rose scent fragrance that most ladies will endore.

There are many flowers but the rose stands alone, elegant, timeless and authentic. pureDKNY a drop of rose is made with naturally derived rose from Turkey.

Soft and sensually romantic, one flower, one love, one scent.

The pureDKNY sustainability story unfolds with the classic Turkish rose.

The rich soil, rain and sunshine of the Isparta valley give way to the perfect rose. It is in this place that the story of pureDKNY a Drop of Rose is born. 

As with its predecessors, A Drop of Vanilla and A Drop of Verbena, A Drop of Rose evolved in a non- traditional way: in this story, the ingredient comes first.

pureDKNY rose begins in Turkey’s Isparta valley in the Anatolian flower fields, where the delicate pink blossoms of rose damascene variety are harvested early each summer. It follows a generations-old process that’s virtually unaffected by modern technology:

  • The harvest season takes place each year in June, and each flower is hand-picked, one by one in the cool, pre-dawn hours.
  • By season’s end, 2500 tons of petals have been bagged, weighed, and transported by truck to the distillery where they are gently rolled and processed through 26 stills.
  • The end product is essential oil of rose, a potent raw material that’s later incorporated into the fragrance.

The resulting fragrance is rose in its simplest incarnation, straightforward but soft, uncluttered, and a very true representation of a garden rose with none of the heaviness of an old-fashioned floral.

The sustainability story of pureDKNY
The story continues with fragrance packaging, as well; each package includes:
  • 100% recyclable glass and aluminum components
  • A bio-degradable carton made in facilities powered by renewable energy using materials sources in managed forests
  • Outer-cartons are printed with low-VOC inks, and the outer wrap is NatureFlex, made from cellulose (not petro chemicals)

I have to stress this (again) before I begin.... 
I'm really not that good at describing scent/perfume/fragrance :( 

Anyway... for the past 2 months, I never had a day or a moment of NOT liking this pureDKNY a drop of rose scent.

The scent wasn't too strong, it has a soft and warm rosy scent (doesn't smell too artificial). And everytimes when I wear this fragrance, I feel very feminine... made my wanna wear skirt and sit at some cafe sipping latte and do nothing! (More reasons to be lazy~ kekekekeee)

The scent last around 3-5 hours on me and it doesn't turn sour ^^

Ingredients list

Price list:
  • pureDKNY a drop of rose EDP (50ml) SD$96.00
  • pureDKNY a drop of rose EDP (100ml) SD$132.00
  • pureDKNY a drop of rose Body Butter (150ml) SD$ 62.00
  • pureDKNY a drop of rose Body Wash (150ml) SD$ 43.00

PureDKNY Available exclusively at Robinson Centrepoint and Raffles City from 17th January 2013 and nationwide at all major department stores from 1st February 2013.

A partnership with CARE
pureDKNY will continue its partnership with CARE - a leading humanitarian organization to help lift women out of global poverty.

In honor of the launch of pureDKNY’s new scent: Rose, DKNY will make a donation to support CARE, providing resources to help even more women escape poverty. 

The pureDKNY and CARE partnership began in 2010 with the launch of pureDKNY Vanilla. 

Together they have helped educate Ugandan vanilla farmers through Village Savings & Loan Associations (VSLA), CARE’s savings- led microfinance program. CARE’s experience has shown that when people in the world’s poorest communities have access to basic financial services – including secure savings, credit, insurance, and other products – they can help lift themselves out of poverty.

More than a fragrance, through DKNY’s partnership with CARE, pureDKNY is helping to make an impact on improving the financial future for women, one drop at a time. By purchasing its rose from local farmers in Turkey, the majority of whom are women; pureDKNY has taken a step to help secure long-term production of rose production in Isparta.

The bloggers preview session was held at a little sweet little cozy cafe "Parco Caffe" located at 10 Raeburn Park... with suit the theme of this fragrance.

Mother and Child Project
pureDKNY partners a social enterprise Mother and Child Project ™ run by Singapore Anglican Community Services (SACS), Seed funded by ComCare Enterprise Fund. This enterprise was to empower the disadvantaged women in Singapore so that they can be equipped with a skill to work from home, have the time and capacity to take care of their children and ultimately, be self-sufficient.

Mother and Child Project ™ products are all handcrafted and made in Singapore.

cute cute cute >.<~

Chicken "stones" kekekee

So now DIY time!!!
We gotta put our hands into making a little heart shade cusion key chain!
I'm love DIY so this wasn't a "tough" work for me ^_~

After the presentation and the mini DIY session... we drink(juice), we eat and we goof around ... kkekekeke

It's hard not to "make fun" of the pretty roses.... Jiayi, meeee and Kas

+miwitch Jones (miwitch), Jiayi, me and Kas at the back ^^

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