Saturday, April 06, 2013

ob for Shu Uemura 2013 spring sakura collection

In April 2013, Shu uemura launched their Spring Sakura Collection,  A collaboration with ob a contemporary artist in Japan.

On a constant quest for innovation and beauty, Shu Uemura invites you to a magical world for spring 2013. Inspired by Japanese artist ob and the young creators of her generation comes a limited-edition collection that celebrates the rise of a new era in art, in-between reality and a dream beckons you into ob's creative universe, a world that appears normal at first sight but is filled with fantasy and delight; a world that showcases the emerging vision of a generation of creators who came of age in a radical new digital world.

Discover this magical landscape and create a new you - someone you've never imagined yourself to be - with a line-up of gorgeous Shu Uemura products intricately wrapped in the beauty of spring and the sensitivity of a new generation.

A collection full of kawaii and enchanted magical theme and character by ob

ob for Shu Uemura 2013 spring sakura collection  
Cleansing oil in the limited edition packaging (packaging

Only these 4 UV under base mousse is in the limited edition packaging

ob for Shu Uemura 2013 spring sakura collection  
the limited packaging for the UV base under mousse

Pairing it up the Cleansing oil and the UV under base mousse for each theme/character

Cherry Blossom Princess
POREraser UVUB under base mousse in pink 
Fresh clarifying gentle cleansing oil

Moon Princess
High performance balancing cleansing oil advanced formula
POREraser UVUB under bass mousse in Beige

Ocean Princess
Whitening clear brightening gentle cleansing oil 
UVUB brightening mousse whitefficient

Forest Princess
Cleansing beauty oil premium A/O advanced formula
UVUB BB mousse

Limited edition lashes and Foundation case

ob for Shu Uemura 2013 spring sakura collection lashes

ob for Shu Uemura 2013 spring sakura collection eyeshadows (Matte)

The limited edition ob for shu uemura case~

Swatches on nude cream base....
I didnt swatch the brown ones cos the MUA said that those are the exsiting colors in their collection
Matte pastel~

(Left to Right) M yellow beige 814 - M light blue 630 - M light Purple 716 - M light green 434 - M Salmon beige 132

Rouge unlimited

Face charts on different look for each characters

More about Ob

Price list...

Here are some of the pics I took at the media preview back in Feb ^^
  Magical bubble show

One of the tips for bigger eyes..... apply 2 layers of faux lashes with one about 0.5cm on top of the first lashes (roughly around your double eyelid fold line)

Me putting on 2 sets of faux lashes~ (and one of the lashes is the LE blue/white crystals lashes)

Ming trying out the pink crystals faux lashes


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