Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kpalette Improved Real Lasting Eyeliner waterproof in super black

In March 2013, Kpalette launched the Improved version of their Top selling Real Lasting (1 day tattoo) waterproof mascara in Super black in Singapore.

The IMPROVED version boasts of::::
  • Longer-lasting power
  • Faster drying after application to prevent panda eyes (SMUDGEPROOF!)
  • Even higher resistance to water, sweat & sebum (WATERPROOF!)
  • Ease of removal without straining the delicate skin around your eyes
  • The signature super fine & soft, yet structured brush, that enables you to draw beautiful finish lines as well as barely visible lines at the roots of your eyelashes
  • Addition of 3 types of beauty essences that helps to care for the delicate skin around your eye area during application (Hyaluronic acid Na, Water soluble collagen and Swertia Japonica essence)

Ingredients list

Come in the same black pencil/pen form

I finished the original (previous version) black liner.. 
so I compare this with the limited edition black waterproof liner (Pink version)

The brush tip is a little bit thicker and longer.. but it doesn't feel much different when I'm using it.

Read more about Kpalette products intro and reviews (link)


My thoughts on this improved liquid liner::
  • The black shade is buildable... get darker when I layer it.. the finest of the brush is not as fine as their mirco version (link) but has the same buildable intensity.

  • Has the same "easy" control of the tip, not messy during application.
  • It does feel alittle be more moist as compare to the original version
  • The formula of the ink is abit stronger then the previous version, because... I can feel the fume of the liquid liner when I put the tip more nearer to my inner corner/nearer to my eyeball - But it doesn't stink my eyes la!
    (I guess it the additional skincare properties that causes the fume)
  • Althought the fomula is abit more moist, it doesn't make a mess during application
  • Smudge proof (thought it does smudges abit when I pair it with different type of mascaras - more wet type.. guess the mascara formula kinda interfering with the liquid liner formula)
  • Waterproof
  • The previous version, was easy to remove by using warm water, but doesn't cleanse off totally with point makeup remover or cleansing oil. (It still leave a light fade grey stain) But this version, no grey stain when I use water base makeup remover, oil cleanser or point makeup remover.
  • The shade is quite black.. not as glossy after awhile but the BLACK remains.
  • The intensity of the black remain thru out the day (more then 8hrs and still look like I just drew on the liner!)

A little sweet note from Japalang ^^

Price : SD$19.90
Available at Watsons Singapore, Sasa and BHG

Product was provided for consideration.
I'm not affiliated with the company.