Tuesday, April 09, 2013

2013 March Bellabox Spring in your step

During the Bellabox preview event sometimes back, they passed us the March bellabox and I totally forgotten about it (OOps!!!)... Saw it when I was packing the mountain of paperbags in my room.

Anyway, I present you the ~ 

March 2013 Bellabox - Spring in your step

Rojukiss pure vita C dual mask (Exclusive at bellbox.sg)
Retail Price : SD$26.70 (5pcs per box)
Sample : SD$5.35 (per sheet)

Dr Ci: Labo Super cleansing ex
Retail Price : SD$50 (120ml)
Sample : SD$4.17 Est around (10ml)

Dr Ci: Labo BB perfect cream

Retail Price : SD$67 (30ml)
Sample : SD$11.17 (est around 5ml)

New launch
Vichy Bi-White Med whitening replumping gel cream
Retail Price : SD$59 (50ml)
Sample : SD$17.70 (15ml)

MOX botanicals Lip balm (Cult favorite at bellabox.sg)
Retail Price : SD$19 (0.2oz)
Sample : SD$9.50 (0.1oz)

Total amount of this box of samples are ::: SD$47.89 
(and not forgetting the SD$10 voucher from Dr Ci: Labo)
Monthly subscription fee is $19.95
I'll let you decide whether this Bellabox is worth your $$$$  (^_^)V

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