Saturday, March 02, 2013

Review - Philosophy Skincare Take Shelter SPF 50 Pa+++

I have been using this sunscreen on and off (rotating with other sunblock/sunscreen) for the pass few months.

Product introduction (link)

House in a pump tube

Ingredients list

 Doesn't leave any white cast after smoothing out the sunblock cream

Bare face

First layer~
I like to put a bit thick dots all around my face that I think the sun will  hit first (and on the pigmentation spots) .. then rub the remaining of the sun cream on the fingers and start "patting" all over my face. (and repeat for 2nd layers)

Once blended out... doesn't leave any white cast or oily sheen. The cream feel like a thicker version of lotion without the "wet" finishing.

Have been using this sunscreen on and off for the pass few months (more then 3months) 
Here my thoughts on the Philosophy Take Shelter sunscreen

  • Doesn't feel oily
  • Not sticky
  • Feel pretty light on the skin
  • Doesn't feel stuffy on my skin also
  • Doesn't leave any white cast on the skin
  • Will have some residue if I apply "gel" base mosturizer (before or after the sunscreen)
    (Normally I pair a creamy moisturizer with this sunscreen or just go without moisturizer)
Normally I will wear sunblock/sunscreen before moisturizer (read about it here) ... only when my skin is extremely dry or flaking, I will apply moisturizer first. (It's just a habit.. I can apply moisturizer first and it won't feel much different. lolx)
  • Quite moisturizing (doesn't make skin feel dry nor tight after afew hours of wearing)
  • Doesn't cause any break-out
  • No skin irritation
  • Doesn't smell funky
  • Fast absorption
  • The texture of the sunscreen feel like a cream lotion.
    (Very similar to alot of korean sunblock/sunscreen)
  • Decent sunblocking power

Price : SD$68 [30ml]
Available at Sephora and Tangs Orchard.

I'm not affiliated with the company.
Product was provided for consideration.