Sunday, March 17, 2013

Philosophy Full of Promise

(Product introduction)

Recently Philosophy introduce a new anti-aging skincare range to their family - "Full of Promise" a 2 step anti-aging skincare for volume, lift and restore.

Philosophy has discovered an innovative method to help reawaken skin’s natural revitalizing system that supports natural collagen and elastin, and help restore the appearance of volume and lift. our new advanced volumizing and lifting skin care collection reawakens your skin’s potential and helps restore the appearance of full, firm, lifted skin.

A 2 step skincare products that treat and moisturize.

 Step 1 : Treat

Uplifting days
In the daytime, when the pull of gravity can drag down skin contours, we help to strengthen and reorganize elastin fibers, and provide an immediate tightening sensation to give skin the uplifting boost it needs to face the day. The uplifting daytime serum provides visible lifting results. formulated with peptides and extracts of rye seed and kigelia, a rare bio-active fruit, this weightless serum helps to visibly resist gravity, reinforce skin elasticity, and improve bounce and spring for skin that appears lifted.

  • Rye seed extract::
    helps reinforce elasticity to visibly lift skin.
  • Kigelia extract::
    A rare bio-active african fruit that helps improve skin's firmness and elasticity.

Volumizing nights
In the evening, when skin is actively rejuvenating itself, we help to improve the appearance of natural skin volume by supporting natural collagen. Thevolumizing nighttime serum combines kigelia with
their exclusive high-performance retinoid, known for its ability to support natural collagen and address multiple signs of aging. while you sleep, lost volume is visibly restored, helping to create the appearance of redefined contours.

  • high-performance retinoid (hpr)::
    exclusive retinoid helps restore volume for improved facial contours and definition.
  • kigelia extract
    a rare bio-active african fruit that helps improve skin’s firmness and elasticity .

Both serum feel pretty light on the skin, the AM serum after being absorbed, skin feel kinda refreshing and cooling (*to touch) where the PM serum feels abit (just a tiny bit only) silicon-y, and it make skin feels abit tight and warm (to touch). Quite moisturizing.

Step 2 : Moisturize

For restore, volume and lift
Philosophy advanced restoring cream features a unique protein recycling complex powered by a proprietary peptide, combined with a marine microalgae, that helps improve the appearance of volume & lift. skin is protected, hydrated all day long, and feels smooth and remarkably supple.

  • marine phytoplankton
    a microalgae extract that helps boost proteasome activity
  • myristoyl pentapeptide-9 & cocoyl pentapeptide-9
    exclusive philosophy peptides that work to help support natural collagen
  • kigelia extract
    a rare bio-active african fruit that helps improve skin’s firmness and elasticity
  • protein recycling complex(prc)
    technology powered by a proprietary peptide, combined with marine microalgae, that reawakens proteasome activity to help repurpose accumulated skin proteins into the building blocks that support natural collagen and elastin

The cream wasn't those thick type of cream, it feel creamy but not too rich, alittle bit oily but once it absorbed, skin feel velvety smooth.

Below were some pics taken at the media preview...

Door gift... I chose the necklace with ovel shape pendant~

My hair is fading more and more.. I miss that Mcdonald's bright red hair BUT I'm not missing the fuss of bleeding color!!!!

Foods! lolx
The fried avocado is YUMMMY~

We got to DIY our own gel candle...

 Too much bubbles.... can't see the pearls and shells clearly.. lolx

Was provided with a set of Full of promise.
I can't wait to try this.. but I gonna wait till next week(after Tues) to start on this, reason being I have eczema condition and this products contain retinoid... and I donno how my skin gonna react to it. 

Anyway, this set of products were full of promises... really hope that I can use this without having any problems!!!!

Philosophy Full of promise 
Treatment duo for uplifting days and volumizing nights
Price : SD$120 (30ml)

Dual-action restoring cream for volume and life
Price : SD$102 (60ml)

Available at Philosophy boutique
Tangs Beauty, Tangs L1 and all Sephora stores

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