Sunday, March 03, 2013

Loved Loved Nude Bamboo Mask (Review)

Lately, I tried my best to do masking once or twice per week, because my skin start to feel a bit dry and tight lately. (Crazy weathers~ and not forgetting that I burned my skin couple weeks ago!!!!)

So last week, I tried the Loved Loved Nude Bamboo Mask that came in the 5th Haraju cute bloggers box (I will blog about that later on.)

I NEVER heard about Loved Loved Nude before and when I googled it.. OMY  (@-@)
Anyway, this mask is on the Japan Cosme chart... so must be good la~ (I think~)

The mask contain pure and powerful special beauty ingredients such as platinum and pearl extracts that helps to increase the absorption of moisture into skin, leaving skin feeling baby-soft and radiance.

Ingredients list

  • The mask is soak with beauty essence, very moist and soft.
    (When I took out the mask from the packaging... it was so moist and start to drip a bit.)
  • Not so thin or thick cotton sheet mask. (Just nice)
  • Adhere on the skin well and doesn't dry up too fast.
    (Mask still quite moist after 20mins in Air-con room)
  • Doesn't sting or have any burning sensation on my skin
  • The mask feel very moist and refreshing
  • Quite soothing 
  • Soft refreshing scent
  • Doesn't cause any skin irritation
  • NO breaking out
  • Skin look pump and moist after 20mins of masking
    (This is quite normal, cos our skin is soak with moisture)
  • Does look a bit radiance and less "red"
    (When skin is dry, skin does look a bit more dewy)
  • The texture of my skin feel softer, smoother and much even.
    (The effect last till next day - I mask at night)

Quite a decent mask, I do enjoy the short 20 mins of relaxation ^_^

Available at Selected Guardian under the Haraju cute counter.
Price : SD$ (tbc)

I'm not affiliated with the company.
Product was provided for consideration.