Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Silky Conditioning Shampoo for your Doggies

We don't have a wide range of dogs' shampoo in Singapore and most of them I've tried doesn't do much help... so when the guys from Silky Conditioning Shampoo contacted me, I just on the opportunity!

Silky. Glossy. Clean. Fragrant. Flea-free.
Silky is made different than the normal dog shampoos sold in pet shops. Made by dog lovers, and with love, Silky is formulated based on what is good for the dog first. After all, our dogs are not just our pets. They are our family.

The secret in making a great dog shampoo lies in its formulation. All commercial dog shampoos contain chemicals to enhance the sticky feel and to create bubbles (lathering effect).

As manufacturers, they are aware that these chemicals do more harm than good to the dogs. They should know that lathering agent would decrease the cleaning effect of the dog shampoo. And most importantly, they should know that the "sticky feel" chemical agents, also called as surfactants are used in regular drain cleaners to kill off hair.

Thus if you tried other dog shampoos, your dog's hair will be rough, dry and wrinkly. You would need to spend on additional conditioner and hair spray. And these two work in the short term, but leaves the dogs' hair even worse in the long run. In the end, your dog will be entirely dependant on these products.

So why do they do that? 2 words. Profits and marketing gimmick.
They used low grade and cheap materials to replace high quality ingredients. Also pushed by advertising industry, they needed to create the bubbles and that sticky feel to fulfil the marketing gimmick.

How is Silky different?

We do not use any of those chemicals. We love our dogs too much to do such a thing. Silky is basically lye and oils. Added to the mix are essential oils from special flowers to enhance the fragrance and the anti-flea effect. Being perfectly balanced to suit dogs' hair and skin, Silky will bring out that silky feel and that glossy look from your dog's hair.

Read more about how they created this SIlky Conditioning Shampoo (Click)

I was provided a small bottle to try try and they also included a pack of Jer-High treats for Peapea and Buibui ^_^

The shampoo is really watery.. not thick and doesn't lather well cos this doesn't contain any harsh foaming or chemical agents. Which is pretty mild for our little furballs.

On Peapea... I used about 1/5 amount .. he doesn't have thick coat of fur and it pretty ok to spread  and get the shampoo all over his body. You can feel the foam, but doesn't have any visible foam on their fur,

As for buibui... her fur is soooo thick that I kinda use abit too much! I used almost half of the bottle

I suggest to apply the shampoo directly onto their fur instead of rubbing between your palm first (it's just wasting the shampoo .. lolx) and lather/massage into their coat/skin.

I like that it rinse off very easily consider the amount of shampoo I've put on them. The fur feel squeaky clean to touch. After towel/blow dry .. their fur feel airy, fluffy and soft.

To test out the shampoo, I keep them shower free for as long as I can to see how lasting this shampoo can be.

(Images showing here.. where they sniffing the shampoo bottle is day 12 (Reasonable timing for Buibui because I shower her every 2 weeks instead of one.. cos of her skin/coat condition - not suitable to shower every week)

On the first day of showing Peapea.. just towel dry(his fur dry quite fast) and without any "combing"... his fur look so neat and it feel clean and fluffy (Just like how we feel on just shampoo-ed dry hair....  airy, fluffy and soft)

I normally use baby shampoo on them.. and their fur always feel super soft. The reason I use baby shampoo and sometimes dandruff shampoo on buibui to stop the flaking(she tend to have abit of dandruff "sometimes")... was because dog shampoo don't cleanse well and they always make their fur feel dirty and greasy very easily. 

This Silky Conditioning Shampoo feel nice and soft.. but I still prefer the softness I feel when using baby shampoo on Peapea. shampoo not as mild and doesn't give Flea-free. (Hmm... althought they hardly have any "flea/tick" on them.)

Peapea fur still feel like freshly washed after 3 to 5 days

Peapea pics spam (too many and there all too cute not to share, lolx)

Peapea got irritated from all the picture taking! lolx 

Buibui - She seriously need some grooming, her coat is getting too messy and long!!!!
(going to book an appointment for her soon)

Although I use alot of the shampoo on Buibui, the shampoo rinse off very cleanly and FAST!!

Squeaky clean feel on wet fur, and smooth, soft, airy and oh so fluffy. The smoothness is totally different as compare to Peapea.

I (We) like how it feel on buibui ... it feel clean, fluffy, airy and oh sooooo smooth~

And keep Buibui fur clean and airy for about 5-6 days and it start to feel like normal again... abit oily (all the oil came from us and their constant rolling on the floor! lolx).

Buibui suddenly get all camera shy and she keep hiding... so hard to take shoot her ...

Where to buy ::

Available in 2 sizes
SD$25 for 500ml
SD$45 for 1liter

Free shipping in Singapore and Worldwide for orders above SD$25.
SD$3 shipping for orders of SD$25 and below.

Same/next day delivery in Singapore Incl. Sunday and Public Holidays.

(Note: The Silky Conditioning Dog Shampoo is exclusively sold via this website. They do not engage resellers/pet shops to prevent fraud and costs associated with preventing frauds, so as to cut business costs to a minimal to customers while maintaining to deliver products with high quality ingredients. If you find supply from other seller/pet shop that claims to have "Silky" brand, then that is not their formula.)

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