Thursday, February 14, 2013

Show some love 2013 February Bellabox

Bellabox show some love in their February Bellabox...

I like the black and grey heart prints on the "tracing" paper (What do we called this type of wrapper??)

In this month bellabox... it's all about "love"

Adonis Dematox Anti-Toxin
Price : SD$78 (80ml)
Sample: 8gm (est about 10ml - about SD$7.80)

And a complimentary Facial session @ Adonis

Lanvin Marry Me!
Price : SD$76(30ml) - SD$108(50ml) - SD$136(75ml)
(Sample: 2ml about SD$2.54)

NUXE ROSE Melting Cleansing Gel
Price : SD$28 (125ml)
(Sample : 15ml about SD$3.36)

MEMEME Eye line pencil
Price : SD$15.90
(Full size)

Sasatinnie hand gloves - Pomegranate
Price : SD$3.90 (per pack)
(Full size)

Total amount of this box of samples are ::: SD$33.5 + One facial treatment by Adonis
Monthly subscription fee is $19.95

I'll let you decide whether this Bellabox is worth your $$$$

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