Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Loreal Paris NEW Excellence Fashion hair dye in Intense copper red

(This gonna be an image heavy post!!!)

I have been thinking about dying my hair (DIY).. and totally have no clue what color I should get until I was at Watsons and Guardian. I know I'm going to bleach my hair root (to make it lighter or near my hair shades towards the tip.) So I pick up Palty "men" bleach at Watsons.

After which Ariya(my sis) and I popped by Guardian ... I saw this purple dye by a brand that I cannot remember and also check out the Loreal Paris Excellence Fashion that Kas(Kaslovesmakeup) have been talking about. So I end up with Intense Copper Red (I'm still very into Orangey hair la! lolx)

When I got this.. this was going at 2 for $21+ (cant remember the cents)
If you have thick and long hair.. I suggest to get 3 boxes instead of 2 (cos I don't have enough to fully coat all my hair!!!!)

Reached home around 8plus (pm)... the DIY begin......
First... Bleaching....

Before we start... here my ugly hair (see.. oily black root are so unglam~ lolx)

That's Ariya.... she always help me and (everyone in the family) to dye hair.....

Nanda ... just KPOing~ lolx


Alamka.. oily hair!!!

GHOST~ hahahaha

Next time, I should get 3 boxes instead of two (I think freshly bleach hair can absorbed the colorant dye so much better then old bleached hair.. cos I still haven't uneven hair around the middle and inner part of my hair) 

Bleaching in the process....
Concentrated more on the root of my hair.. and use the left over on the rest of my hair!

Wash and dry bleached hair... I look so wash off in this hair color!!! (No like)

 After blow drying my wet hair.... and onto the more interesting part!
Using Loreal Paris NEW Excellence Fashion hair dye in Intense copper red!!!!

Freshly washed hair (OOh.. even on wet hair... the red was so vibrant!!!!)

Towel dried hair...

Semi blow dried hair ...
(This lighting made it look coppery "orangey")

Weee.. I got Mcdonald's hair!!!

Above pics were taken at night around 2am using indoor ceiling light ...
below are pics taken the next day under natural day lighting...

See the uneven in the middle inner section...

3rd day old... before I re-touch with another 2 boxes of the intense copper red dye (I think if I have enough dye (3 boxes in the first day).. I can skip this extra step of re-dying my hair) ...

Next time, I will get 3 boxes of everything to prevent re-dying my hair! lolx

Went to meet my friend to collect the puppy he going to adopt... (I only re-touch/redye my hair on the 3rd day night time... before the eve of CNY)

Super cute right ... this little ginger toy poodle~
Only 2months old!!!

Reach home around 10+(pm) and start retouching up my hair...

Got these 2 boxes of dyes from Watsons... which are having a one week promotion of buy one get one free!


After the 2nd redye(touch up) ... my hair shade look more deeper intense red then the first dye.. I think cos the red is layer on top of already red hair (which means darker hair.. so darker shade.)

Really really really love this Loreal Paris Excellence Fashion Hair dye.. the colorant was so intense!!

  • Hair doesn't feel too drying
  • not much stinky smell
  • dye was so strong that until now.. my hair still bleed "orange"when I wash my hair!
  • Hair look shiny, vibrant and bright.
  • It does fade down to a more coppery red after a few days of washing, BUT still look red la.
  • When I wash my hair... the wet hair does feel quite dry... but with the protective conditioner, my hair feel so smooth and silky when it's dry!
  • On dry hair, my hair feel sooooo smooth and it oils up easily(unlike my previous dying, my root/scalp will feel so dry and itchy...NOW, I feel the same as like I never dye my hair before.

I like that this dye made hair look vibrant and healthy~ totally worth a try if you ask me :)

Happy CNY