Thursday, January 03, 2013

Shu uemura celebrating 30 years of beauty at a generous new prices

In January 2013, in conjunction with Shu uemura 30th anniversary, they are pleased to announce the price adjustment of their most beloved icons...

Shu uemura would like to take this opportunity to thank and reward their customers for their loyal support and invite more people to join shu uemura family by pampering with their generous new prices.

The products with new generous prices are as below*:

WOW... great price change!!!!!!!

"Creating something that universally beautiful, that is art…”, with this vision as his motto, 30 years ago, Mr. Shu Uemura opened his 1st boutique in the trendy Omotesando district in Tokyo, ever since; this boutique has been considered an art store to demonstrate the brand’s spirit and philosophy. 
From its first footprint, shu uemura has become a well-known international beauty brand with presence in 17 countries today.

Information extracted from press file.