Saturday, January 05, 2013

Philosophy first concept store in Asia @ Tangs Orchard

Philosophy open their first concept store in Asia at Tangs department store in Singapore.

Inspired by the brand's values of mixing a scientific approach to skincare with inspirational messages, philosophy has garnered a devoted following around the world.

 Based on a library theme, the new 'shop in shop' will entice us to enter the wonderful world of philosophy and experience the products at our own pace. By blending new technology, digital elements and the traditional library spirit, philosophy creates a delightful interactive environment that is truly unique.

"Our challenge was to develop a unique experiential concept in order to differentiate the brand versus the other competitors, creating value, and both surprising and delighting the shoppers through an emotional connection to the brand" Olivier Bletry(Coty international cosmetics merchandising director.)


As a leading expert in skincare and specifically in peels, the concept store will offer an exclusive service area where we can try different products at the philosophy peel bar and get advice from beauty experts.

We can also catch up on the latest innovative content through the interactive 'magic book'.

Through this unique environment, philosophy is wishing to tell a new story in Asia by offering its customers innovative services for a truly engaging experience.

Information extracted from the press file.