Thursday, January 31, 2013

LUSH Soap not Soup - I'm FINished with Fins Campaign

Last week, attended the LUSH campaign event "SOAP NOT SOUP" where they joined Shark Savers to raise awareness about Shark conservatioin with the sale of "Shark Fin soap" (a sea-vegetable siap with a fin)

Kick start on January, and from beginning of February - LUSH's retail store and Shark savers Taiwan term will conduct the largest awareness and education campaign on shark fin soup - and move on to HongKong in March with joint promotions running thru May 2013

LUSH Joins Shark SaversI’m FINished with FINS’campaign 

(SINGAPORE, January 19, 2013)
COSMETICS giant LUSH has teamed up with Shark Savers Singapore to raise awareness about the urgent need to curb the consumption and trade of sharks’ fins. The collaboration was launched on Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at LUSH Cosmetic’s boutique at Wisma Atria and continues for two weeks.

Attending the event were Singaporean celebrities featured in Shark Savers’ “I’m FINished with FINs” campaign which empowers Singaporeans to not to eat shark’s fin soup:

- Mr. Hossan Leong, the campaign’s celebrity ambassador,
- Mr. Aaron Wong, campaign photographer,
- Ms Yasminne Cheng, Class 95 FM Radio deejay
- Nominated Member of Parliament Mr. Nicholas Fang

These personalities and almost fifty others can be seen in evocative black-and-white “I’m FINished” billboards throughout Singapore.

LUSH and Shark Savers have joined for a two week event called “Soap not Soup”, featuring the sale of ‘shark fin soap’. LUSH produced this special edition soap out of seaweed and sea salt, topped off with a small cardboard shark fin. All sales proceeds will go to Shark Savers.

 You may start spotting I'm FINished with FINS posters all across Singapore (bus stops)

A short speech by Nafees Khundker(Director of Lush Cosmetics Singapore) 

Mr. Nafees Khundker, explained :: “100% of the LUSH products are not tested on animals and are designed to have a low impact on the environment. We are very proud to partner with Shark Savers in what is a critical initiative to save sharks, which face the threat of extinction due to the consumption of shark fin soup.”

Jonn Lu (Shark Savers Singapore) giving a short speech on Sharks and the campaign
(Behind the counter)

The over-fishing of sharks, mostly for their fins, happens out in the ocean, where most people don’t see it or know about its impact. People care about what they know, and they protect what they care about. We need to make sure people are aware about this issue, which is having a severe impact not just on sharks but the rest of the ocean ecosystem, and us humans who depend on the oceans for our existence.” Jonn Lu

 Learn more about the campaign (link)

View what I "see and hear" at the event~

Normally I'm not a person who are able to be strongly supporting a cause... but I do enjoy knowing that they are good peoples out there who are really concern about the world and our enviroment. I support the ideas ^_^

So please, don't ask me how I feel.. I can only tell you... I don't eat Shark Fin (not that I was force to.. I just don't fancy this type of foods.)

The same goes to... don't force me into your belief, I respect you, so please respect my CHOICES.

The teeth are made of plastic spoon (cool right?)

LUSH Shark Fin Soap 
Price : SD$15 ( 100g )

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Pics from the media event

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