Friday, January 25, 2013

Ichikami re-launched in Singapore

Ichi-Kami advocates that for us to have smooth looking, silky hair, soft and shiny hair, we must have beautiful and healthy hair. Japanese women have always treasured and paid attention to their hair and they believe that inner beauty is more important than the outer appearane of our hair. The hair has always been referred to as a mirror to the inner "face" of a human. In our modern fast-paced society today, Ichi-kami reproduced the ancient wisdom behind having beautiful hair in modern technology. 


All about Pure botanical essence (Ingredients and benefits)
  • Rice Premium EX
    Inositol reduce friction and defends the hair against damage.
    Encourage more resilient hair.

  • Cherry Blossom Extract
    Commonly used in cosmetics as a moisturizer.
    Quench damaged dry hair with moisture to achieve smooth and manageable hair.
  • Chinese soapberry
    Fine lather which protect hair from damage in the process of shampooing.
  • Black Rice extract
    Hydrates hair from its core and prevents further damage.
  • Blackberry Lily
    Makes hair more bouncy and reduce damage during hair styling.
  • Walnut oil
    Supply shine that is lost in damaged hair
  • Camellia
    Fix hair surface and gives a natural shine to the hair.
  • Sasanqua oil
    Improve smoothness.
    Repair dry and rough hair.
  • White sesame oil
    Intensively repairs heavily damaged hair.
  • Black soybean extract
    Conditions hair surface and leaves hair smooth and silky.

Ichikami have 8 different products from Shampoo, conditioner, treatment, hair mask, intensive hair pack, hair treatment essence and also the hair serum.  Read about my review (Click here)

Price list::
  • Basic Hair care
    Shampoo  (550ml) SD$16.90

    (550ml) SD$16.90

  • Rinse off treatment
    Treatment (200g) SD$12.90

    Treatment Mask (180g) SD$14.90
    Intensive treatment pack (15mlx5) SD$19.90

  • Leave on treatment
    Hair essence (100ml) SD$14.90
    Hair Serum (30g) SD$16.90

  • Styling product
    Hair wave milk (150ml) SD$14.90)

If you have been looking for this products and can't find it anywhere...Now you can get it at Watsons Singapore, BHG, John little, Nisshino, Meidiya and Shins.