Monday, December 10, 2012

Peripera - Peri's Mellow Cheek Colleciton (Art by Mari Kim) + Swatches

While shopping (yes.. spend about 1 hour plus shopping/browing/walking) around Takashimaya Watsons on Saturday, saw a few new products... and Peripera new collection Peri's (especially the cream blush) caught my attention. 

Peri's Colleciton - A collaboration with Korean illustrator Mari Kim (anyone who love 2NE1 will be familiar with her artworks)... to design the icon image on the products/packaging.....  the cute and creepy doll face.... Me likey!

You gotta check the collection in person... very chic and sleek packaging.... and the prices for this collection was pretty reasonable too.

Just showing the cream cheek........ 

Awwwww... sooo cute!


01, 04 and 05 look so niceeeeeeeeeeeee....... the cream texture doesn't feel tooo creamy, moist nor oily.. it kinda turn "powder" when I blend it out.

Comes in 5 shades...

01 Pink Highlighter
02 Mellow Pink
03 Rose Pink
04 Peach Pink
05 Hawailian Orange


Price : SD$13.90
Available in Watsons Singapore under the Kbeauty section(shelving)