Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Meet & Greet with Tsubasa Masuwaka at Watsons

Tsubasa Masuwaka the creator of Dolly Wink will be in Singapore this coming Saturday 8th Dec 2012. With any purchase of Dolly Wink produce to get up close and personal with Tsubasa Masuwaka @ Watsons.

The Shibuya Gals X Dolly Wink Lookalike Contest Result Show @ Scape

Tsubasa Masuwaka, the Gyaru Icon, and creator of Dolly Wink will be flying into Singapore for the first time to grace the Shibuya Gals X Dolly Wink Lookalike Contest.

This is a platform where contestants will emulate one of Tsubasa’s looks featured on any one of Dolly Wink’s packaging.

Up to 15 finalists stand a chance to strut in a runway show before the Gyaru Icon. Contestants will be judged based on; Makeup, Styling, Catwalk, and a QnA. Winners stand to win a ticket to Japan as well as products from Dolly Wink. Celebrity Blogger Xiaxue will also be present as a guest judge.

1. Tsubasa Prize, winner chosen by Tsubasa Masuwaka -1 ticket to Japan and Dolly Wink products
2. KOJI Prize, winner chosen by KOJI -1 ticket to Japan and Dolly Wink products
3. Popularity Prize, winner with the most online votes -1 ticket to Japan and Dolly Wink products
4. Xiaxue Prize, winner chosen by Xiaxue - Dolly Wink products

Head over to the Shibuya Gal Facebook Page to RSVP...

Receive a FREE Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner when you flash the "GOING" RSVP (on the fb event page) screen at the door. (*While Stocks Last)

Tsubasa Masuwaka
made her mark in the Gyaru scene when she rose to overwhelming popularity as a Popteen model.

Tsubasa is now also a mother, singer, and even entrepreneur, bringing the Gyaru trend to international prominence. Dubbed as “The Billion Dollar Gyaru”, her wealth of experience has made her the sensation she is today, with numerous makeup and clothing brand collaborations under her belt.

Tsubasa is also the creator of Dolly Wink which is one of Japan’s top-selling eyelash and eye makeup brands. As a Gyaru Icon, her makeup influence can be seen in internationally acclaimed magazines such as Japan’s Vivi and Taiwan’s 女人我最大.

Tsubasa’s latest endeavor is an official singing debut in 2011 under the persona Milky Bunny. Her second single was a tie-up for Dolly Wink’s Autumn/ Winter 2011 commercial theme song, garnering over a million views on YouTube.