Monday, December 31, 2012

Introducing Burberry Lip Velvet Long Wear Lipstick (Swatches)

Burberry beauty introducing a new finish for lips - Lip Velvet Long wear lipstick, a velvety matte radiance, inspired by the most opulent of English fabrics.

The effortless long wearing matte lipstick with innovative formula for rich velvety colour with moisturising benefits. The matte radiant finishing was inspired by opulent English fabrics. 

The Formula
Lightweight long-lasting texture protects lips from the elements. 
Water-resistant formula with unique blend of waxes for long-lasting velvet finish. 
Pure pigments provide luminous long-lasting colour

Effortless Innovation
Silicone elastomers and polymer provide flexible all day wear with a rich velvety finish. Weightless, gel-based formula for easy glide and effortless application. 
Protection from the elements. 
Wild rose and triglycerides effortlessly protect and continuously hydrate. 
Lips stay hydrated.

Available in 12 shades
Pink Apricot No. 301
Peony Rose No. 302
Antique Pink No. 303
Redwood No. 304
Honeysuckle No. 305
Pink Amber No. 306
Rose Pink No. 307
Pink Azalea No. 308
Fuchsia Pink No. 309
Military Red No. 310
Bright Poppy No. 311
Hawthorn Berry No. 312

Swatches (301 was missing on the display when I doing the swatched)
I guess it's too popular and was sold out??

These lipstick swatched smoothly and evenly, doesn't feel too drying and the intensity of the color is very well payoff  (Need to try this on my lip to see how it feels)

I like Honeysuckle(305), (Fuchsia Pink)309 and (Military Red)310 (If they have military red as a blush shade.. I will get it!!!!!)

Lip Velvet Long Wear Lipstick retail at SD$43 each
Burberry Beauty is available at Tangs Orchard

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Information extracted from press file and on burberry's website